Online Reputation Management: How Best To Deal with Negative Comment and Reviews

ORM-Online Reputation Management: How Best To Deal with Negative Comment and Reviews

No matter how hard you try to keep your brand in positive light online there will still be negative reviews, how you manage these comments could make or mar your business. It takes years to build up a brand reputation and it takes only a moment to bring everything crashing down to earth.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of measuring and altering the perceptions of a brand for the benefit of the company. Social media has made interactions easy among a diverse group of people, so many information are being shared daily across all social media platforms, and these interactions could include a positive or negative comment about your brand which could damage your reputation.

For you to know whenever a negative comment or review is made concerning your brand online means you are always alert and you are tracking everything concerning your brand, you’ve done good by that but how do you mange negative reviews?

ORM-Online Reputation Management: How Best To Deal with Negative Comment and Reviews

How to Manage Negative Reviews

This is a very critical process and it requires a high level of professionalism to get through this successfully.

Quick response: This is very important, you have to be able to respond quickly as possible to negative comments as things like this spread quickly. Let’s take Twitter for example, billions of tweets are being sent daily and it takes only some minutes for a tweet to go viral. Thousands of people can retweet a tweet tweeted by someone on Twitter and before you know it the damage is done already. Whoever is in charge of managing your brand online should be able to respond to comments as quick as possible.

Do not delete comments: One of the greatest mistakes a social media manager can make is deleting a negative comment. Deleting negative comments sends out a wrong signal that you do not care about whatever happens to your customers or consumers concerning your brand. For a customer to come to your page and drop a negative comment means he/she hopes you will address the issue. What if you delete the comment and the consumer goes to another platform to finish you and the review on comment goes viral without you knowing quickly, the damage would have been done.

Be professional: When replying to negative comments stay professional as much as possible, address all issues with utmost maturity no matter how hurtful or damaging the comment is. Let me cite an example; I work as a digital marketing professional with one of the OEMs in Nigeria, a big brand. One day I checked my Google alerts and I saw a review article on one of the products we recently launched, the article which was published by one of the top blogs in the country looked to damaging we sensed a sabotage. I and my boss looked through and decided the best course of action to take was to send an e-mail to these guys telling them to tone down or delete the article completely and write another without any prejudice. Apparently the writer was bitter about something that happened before but he eventually edited the article to a one that wouldn’t cause damage to the recently launched product.

Move offline: Sometimes you have to take matters offline, like personally calling the aggrieved customer to apologize and providing a solution. The customer would be happy.

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