Latest Instagram Update Adds Questions Sticker for Stories

questions sticker instagram stories

Owned by Facebook, Instagram has formally launched the “Questions Sticker” for Stories on both Android as well as iOS platforms. In this recent update, users can now post a question to receive text responses from friends, family, and followers. Such detailed responses could be about a specific photo, video or simply about any other topic. This new offering supplements the emoji slider and polling sticker.

You can access Instagram Questions Sticker by first uploading a photo/video in Stories; then, swipe up from your screen to view Questions Sticker. “Questions” lets users receive a detailed text response from their friends as well as followers on any given issue. You can place Questions Sticker anywhere on your Stories screen, and your followers can tap on it to give a reply as often as needed.

Questions Sticker joins the Poll and Emoji sticker and it’s featured in Instagram v. 52 on Android and iOS platforms, and users can download the update on Google Play and IOS App Store respectively.


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