Infinix unveils X Shot (a camera kit for Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus)

Infinix x shot

With their fantastic features, Infinix Zero and Zero 4 Plus are, till today, the reigning flagship phones of Infinix Mobility. The cameras of the two phones are at high resolutions, however, Infinix has unveiled a new peripheral kit that will add ginger to the camera swag of these phones.

Infinix x shot

This peripheral kit named X Shot is a camera kit that will boost the image capturing functionality of the phones. On opening the sleek package of this kit, there are four lenses inside. Also included in the packaging box is a tool meant for attaching the lenses to the cameras of the phones.

Inifinix X shot

X Shot is designed to enhance the zooming capacity for the phones and also makes them able to capture wider area of view. And since most users that will be buying X Shot might not be familiar with fixing such kit on phones, Infinix has provided a handy manual in the packaging box, too. The manual will guide users on how to mount the lenses on the phone.

Infinix X Shot is, at present, only available in Kenya at a price range of Ksh 2,500-3000, but will soon be unveiled in Nigeria and other countries where Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus are available.

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