How to Play Facebook Messenger Games on Android and iOS

instant games on Messenger

Facebook has started rolling out Instant Games on its Messenger app to over its 1.2 billion users every month. It’s easy and we shall be showing you how to play Facebook Messenger games on your phone or computer. Facebook has been adding a lot of features to its platforms and with the addition of Instant Games, this could be a very positive move for Messenger. Last year, Facebook launched its steam-like game app for PC called Gameroom, if you’ve not heard about it yet, click here for how to install and play Gameroom games.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Games on IOS

  • Update your Messenger app to the latest version.
  • Open the app. Start a new chat or open a conversation.
  • Look for the gamepad icon beneath the message box. Click on the icon to open the different available games and click Play to start the game.
Facebook Messenger Games IOS

How to Play Facebook Messenger Games on Android

  • Update your Messenger app to the latest version
  • Open the app and start a new chat, you could as well open an existing chat.
  • Locate the plus icon as shown below.
how to play facebook messenger games
  • Click on Games from the different icon shown below.
play facebook messenger games on android
  • Choose a game and start playing.

Games on Messenger include: Pac-Man, Snake, Bingo, Solitaire, EverWing, BasketBall FRVR, Zookeeper, Space Invaders and many more top games.

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