Lost or Stolen Debit Card? – How to Block GTBank ATM Card

GTBank Debit Card

Has your ATM card been stolen or misplaced? This post will show you how to block GTBank ATM card. Debit cards are targets for scammers these days, these bad guys are always looking for ways to swindle you off all your money and that’s how they make a living. As humans even if these bad guys couldn’t still find their way in stealing our debit card we are prone to forgetting things at times, such as our credit or debit card.

Debit cards could be stolen, damaged, compromised or forgotten anywhere at any time. In case any of this happens if you do not know what to do you will have to contact your bank immediately, but what if there is a faster way to save you of all the stress of visiting your bank and calling several times? Chances are that it would take days or hours to the bank to immediately block access from anyone to your stolen or compromised debit card.

GTBank just introduced a way to block your credit card from the comfort of your home if it has been compromised one way or the other.

How to block GTBank ATM Card

Send ‘HOTLIST (NUBAN Act No.)’ to 08076665555

i.e. if your account number is 0036789023, type HOTLIST 0036789023 in an SMS and send to 08076665555


how to block gtbank atm card

It’s that simple! So if your GTBank credit card has been stolen, compromised or damaged follow the steps above to block access to your card immediately and save yourself from the stress of visiting your bank.

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    • Good morning
      I lost my ATM card last four days ago, and I for ATM restriction and it was done. but I have found the card today, and where I am schooling there is no GT bank branch, what should I do now

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