GTBank Customer Care Line – GTBank Customer Care Online Chat

gtbank customer care line

If you have enquiries you can either get through to GTBank Customer Care line or use the GTBank Customer Care Live Chat. If you are a GTBank account holder, there are times when you have an issue and need to get it resolved. GTBank customer line number is available to its customers 24/7 and they have competent agents ready to solve all customer complaints.

Problems Solved by GTBank Customer Care Line and Online Live Chat

  • Information on GTBank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Dormant account reactivation
  • Account reactivation
  • General Account issues
  • Cheque book request
  • Statement of account request
  • Obtain information about our Offshore Banks in Gambia, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania and UK.
  • All complaints spanning across all GTBank products and services.

GTBank Customer Care Line Numbers – 24/7 Availability

If you need to speak to GTBank customer care on phone, dial any of the numbers below. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone if your complaint is going to take some time. GTConnect lines are available 24/7.

  • 0700-482666328
  • 234-1-4480000
  • 08029002900
  • 08039003900

GTBank Customer Care Online Live Chat – 24/7 Availability

If you are the online kind of person then this option is for you. It is actually economical to contact them online instead of making calls to them.

gtbank customer care online chat

Alternatively, you can send complaints in an email to

WARNING: I’ve seen people dropping complaints and posting their bank details here, this is wrong and we will not be held liable for any scam or deductions that occurs on your accounts by preying scammers. This is just a guide on how to get through to your bank’s Customer Care service. Be warned!!!

How has been your experience with  GTBank Customer Care Number Line and GTBank Customer Care Live Chat? Drop comments below.

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  1. 71, Onagun Compound,
    Pakata road,
    4th Feb, 2018

    The Management
    of Gtbank Plc.

    Dear Sir /Maa,
    my name is SALMAN ABDULWAHEED AMUSA. having account number 0034820747, Phone number 08062171170 with BVN no 22168259533. I have been operating account with Gtbank since some years ago. My complaints is that, the voters card I used to opened my account then has spelling errors in Surname and Date of birth. My surname was written then as SALIMON and date of birth as 18/01/1988. I went to Gtbank University Of Ilorin Branch with court affidavit to lunched complain to customer care and I was told to check back in two weeks. After two weeks, I went there for repply and officer told me to go to Gtbank Unity Branch in Ilorin for proper update. I went to Unity branch met with Mr. Akinola Babatunde as my bank account officer, he printed some documents I filled in Unilorin branch and told me that the issue/complain/ correction was successfully rectified.
    Infact, the new ATM card I requested for beared my real name at the same time Gtbank usually wishes me happy birthday in every FEBRUARY 12, which is my real date since 2016 which shows that the issue has been rectified.
    Now! Nysc opened salary account for me with ACCESS BANK. I gave them my BVN number but when they linked my BVN, the information/data they retrived/printed shows the data the old data I supplied with that voters card I used and I asked Access Bank Officer that, in this situation what is the next thing to do? Even, I showed him my ATM written with correct name, checked my account balance on phone shows my real name to him as evidence also but he said, I should go back to Gtbank again for complain.
    But, Unfortunate enough for me, no Gtbank branch at all in Ekiti state where I’m serving and I don’t have any money again with me than salary money which I want to transfer to my Gtbank account. Pls help me solve this problem ooooo.
    God bless Gtbank, Staff and Management of Bank. Thanks

  2. Good evening, pls I need ur help I transferred three hundred and eight thousand from my gtb account 0126967675 to heritage account 1500532719 , the beneficiary has not received alert due to that the beneficiary account cannot hold up to that amount pls I want the money to be reversed back into my account, need it before tomorrow pls.

  3. Hello. i gave a standing order on my account but was deducted twice in the same month. while my beneficiary received did received only one not two

  4. Hello, please I would like to pay my fee in LAUTECH, Ogbomoso with my ATM card,but presently I am not in the country,I want to send my account details to the person that will do the payment for me,my account number is 0035753918,my name’s are Davies olaitan Abimbola

  5. Hello, please I would like to pay my fee in LAUTECH, Ogbomoso with my ATM card,but presently I am not in the country,I want to send my account details to the person that will do the payment for me,my account number is 0035753918,my name’s are Davies olaitan Abimbola, thank you for your cooperation at all times.

  6. Good morning, to who it nay concern, I need a guard line on how I can make payment via my internet banking to nairabet account

  7. I want to link my bvn with my account but I was told the name on my first bank account doesn’t tally with the one I dropped at your bank…pls what are the requirements I really need to activate the account before friday

  8. Dear GT Bank,
    I made a #1000 (#500×2) recharge on my AIRTEL line 08026997958 on Sunday 18th March, 2018 at night hours but never received it though was debited. Pls kindly address the abnormality.

  9. Dear GT Bank,
    I made a #1000 (#500×2) recharge on my AIRTEL line 08026997958 on Sunday 18th March, 2018 at night hours but never received it though was debited. Pls kindly address the abnormality.
    Account details:
    Account Number – 0251678930
    Account Name – Onuoha Godswill Chigozirim

  10. GT bank you are really given me hard time today….In fact i was so disgrace by gtbank today…..have been expecting money since morning now uptill now have not seen it…..This so very painful……

  11. GT bank,am Efosa Orumwense,when i newly started banking with you people you guys were giving me intrest but for a very long time now gtbank has stop giving interest why?

  12. I transferred money to a customer’s account through Capricorn machine using GTB app,
    But I wanted to confirm if the money has been paid to the acct because it’s deplaying pending on my system now
    Request ID is 3277
    Erro code EXC00114
    And they ask me to call customer support in other not to paid the money twice 01-7101023 in which it’s not going through here and they have deducted my money so I don’t knw why it’s deplaying pending,

    The acct number I wanted to send the money to is 3042628599,firstbank,
    I await your response thanks

  13. Please I went to withdraw in stanbic ibtc saki ATM Machine on Monday,,I was only debited without receiving the cash. Please I need the money urgently

  14. Please, I need Statement of my account for the month of March 2018. My account number is 0042404876. the account name is Eyenghe, Frederick Ayibatonye

  15. Is there a way I can get my bvn number on my email, because I misplaced the phone which I used to register and haven’t done well come back

  16. I am Ishola Adetoro Sunday want to notify Gaurrrantte trust bank plc to pls kindly resolve unable to transfer from GT Mobile App , this started three day ago and am unhappy about the state of this present issues. Account no is 0022559270 account name is the above name. Thanks best regard.

  17. Please i am trying to open your app on my phone, option was given to me which i followed, but still asking me for 4digit which i don’t understand, please help me out.

  18. Nigerians!!! Some of you never learn, Is this a GTBank platform? The guy kept been telling you his article is just a guide yet you keep sending your acct numbers, some even sent their BVN. When your money is packed now you will be saying its only here you dropped it. Do you know how many pple have access to your info here? Illitracy.

  19. I was do the transfer from my account to another customer from union bank its not enter yet and they’re deduct my money from my account since last 2 Saturday please help me solve this problem…… Ayoade Elijah Adewale from lagos

  20. GT bank has turned themselve to something else. They deduct little by little small amount l have in my account without no reason.
    If they send money to me they will deduct if l send they will deduct if l use ATM they will deduct if l check balance they will deduct.
    These little little change of N50 today N60 or N100 is really taken a toll. Please stop this outrageous deduction from my account.
    GT bank
    Current account
    Alagomeji branch

  21. I send money since morning with UBA account number 1007634261 up till now the person has not been alert and I have be debited already what is happening

  22. I sent money to person UBA account number 1007634261 since morning the person has not seen the money up till now and I have be debited already what is happening

  23. hi. i trust gtbank until my trust was betrayed on Friday when the unexpected happened. the balance in my account was cleared. how do i get back my money

  24. pls, my atm card has been expired, and I av received a text message that the new one is ready for collection at abeokuta branch, cos that’s where I open the account,,,but right now I’m in lagos…pls how can I get the card here in lagos branch.

  25. Am olabamiji lydia temitope from eleko ilorin east local government.
    Complain about the transfer i made this morning around 11:36 am today 7/6/2018 and i was debited. i made transfer through my mobile. By dial *737# wish i transfered money from my gtbank account to another gtbank account along the process the network display transaction not found without confirm any transaction with security pin and #50600 was deducted in my account. Immediately, i went to bank for rectification but they told me that the money is blocked but is in my account and not in my main account that i should message this gmail: wish i have done since then d money is not reversed into my main account. Details of my account : olabamiji lydia temitope, account number :0170809079. Plesae help me out of this situation… Thanks. Awaiting your response soon.


    PLEASE READ, An ugly experience with Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB); you might have fallen victim of same or similar case or might even be the next…

    On Friday, 01 June, 2018 while going to work, my brother’s phone was unfortunately stolen, on Monday, 04 June, 2018, he later discovered that his Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) account had been hacked and all the money in the account had been transferred (emptied his account of close to a million naira) into another Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) account and some other Bank accounts. Immediately, we went to the nearest Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) to make a report of the incident and his observations, we were informed that we needed a Police report and a sworn affidavit for the bank to act on the case.

    Immediately, we got the Police report and a sworn affidavit, submitted to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) same day (Monday, 04 June, 2018) as requested to enable the bank act on the case as fast as they could.

    Expecting that adequate action would have been taken, we returned to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) only to be informed again that we needed a Bankers Order if we really wanted them to assist in recovering the money back from the accounts the money had been fraudulently transferred to. To my dismay. Without wasting time, we went back to the Police Station and High Court, Ota, got the Bankers Order, a Warrant of Arrest document from the Police Station and a letter signed by the DPO, informing Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) of the necessity to arrest the culprits.

    After getting all the mentioned documents, to my utmost dismay, on our return back to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota), we discovered that practically nothing had been done on the case, no action was taken at all, not even to block the culprit’s GTB account from further transactions, on asking why, we were again informed to get a Court Order. I felt very disappointed and greatly angered, my brother left for the High Court, Ota to process the Court Order.

    On Tuesday, 12 July, 2018, we got an interim Injunction from the High Court, and on Wednesday, 13 July, 2018, we submitted the Court Injunction to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) clearly stating and instructing that the culprit’s accounts be blocked immediately (without further delay) and necessary steps should be taken to recover the money. Astonishingly and disgustingly, on Wednesday, 25 July, 2018, my brother’s lawyer called and showed him a shocking message he received from Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) with an attachment of the culprit’s account details of how the culprit had moved all the money to other accounts even up till Monday, 16 July, 2018.

    Now Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) is claiming that they had taken steps to block the accounts after they received the Interim Injunction from the Court. What a total negligence and lack of respect for customers. Investigations showed that similar cases and occurrences had been reported severally to Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) and they always do nothing about it.

    This interprets to me that Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch) is not diligent enough and do not have the interest of their customers at heart. Perhaps, they are fond of protecting their ‘big’ customers at the expense of other customers. Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch) decided to do nothing on this case, folding their arms until all the money in the culprit’s account was moved, this also shows that Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch) colluded with the fraudsters informing them of my brother’s actions and telling them to move the money up till 16th July, 2018, after they got an Interim Injunction from Court to block the fraudster’s account, suddenly, over a million naira was withdrawn and the account became empty.

    I recommend that Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB, Joju Branch, Sango-Ota) be CLOSED DOWN, and the Manager be PROBED because if they had acted promptly enough, not assisting the fraudsters, the fraudsters wouldn’t have been able to carry out their transactions.

    Therefore, I conclude by saying ‘Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) SUCKS’

    Customers out there, I know you also have ugly experiences of their unprofessionalism and operations, don’t keep quiet, tell your story today, Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) should pay for their unprofessional acts of negligence to Customers, this is showing that we can no longer entrust our valuables with Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB). They have forgotten that we Customers MADE them and we can also MAR them.

  27. Good day, just this morning I recharged 1500 from my GTB account (0018128351 ) to my Airtel line (09027440062) and I was debited for it but I didn’t get the credit on my line . I called Airtel I was told to call my bank that isn’t from them . please kindly look into it ..I tried calling the customer service number it wasn’t gooing

  28. My ATM card was stolen from me and I went to the bank to block my ATM card then I blocked the account. can I unlock it?

  29. I was debited two times since 23rd of last month on a POS transaction and it is yet to be reversed. I have gone to the bank and promised to do something about it and till now nothing has been done about it.
    Please i am no longer comfortable and happy with your service

  30. I have been having pos dispense error twice in five days now and they are yet to be restored and it pissing me off

  31. Hello,
    N268.5 was just deducted from my account after l made a transfer as against N52.50. What is the problem with gtb? Why do you have to over charge for no reason?

  32. I did transfer yesterday/today an is unsucessful,and my money is deducted,and d recipient did not receive it

  33. Please I forgot my account number and I have lost the phone number I use to open my account please me with the account number please

  34. I want to request for card re issue, ther isn’t a gtbank where I reside I will have to travel 2hours to the nearest gtbank.I will prefer to collect it at akure ondo state. Thanks in anticipation

  35. Made a payment for dstv subscription which didn’t go through and my money was not returned by Gtb.

  36. i withdraw money today at pay center the bank duty my money and transaction was not successful and there have remove my money and my money was not return it back up till now

  37. 0136378496 AJAYI TOLULOPE BOSEDE Certain amount of money is been deducted from my account 0136378496 without proper notification please refund my money now, 2000 as just been deducted and balance is – 2950 please identify and return my money

  38. Pls I used one of the pos machine on my street, I was debited 10000,and on the machine was decline…. Pls help me 08066174395

  39. Please I have#3145 in my bank account and I requested loan from one App they deducted#30 from my bank account and the remaining balance was#591 how come?

  40. 0126071343 olaniyi Ibrahim i have been try to collect quick loan from gtb but it’s written am not eligible to null, so im now going to my gtb @dugbe ibadan branch to make an enquiry about the loan and the officer do the process he give me 7working days it we be approved now 7working is turn over3weeks now, so i call the customer service she gave me my Account manager number and name oriyomi bello he didn’t pick my call till now please me out of this issue, Am working BATN as a contractor thanks

  41. Please I don’t know the reason why my ussd code is not working and I can’t even withdraw with my card

  42. Hi team,
    I am finding it difficult to transfer money from my account to any account both GTB and all other banks from the GTB app.
    Kindly assist me on this.

    Warm regards,

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