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  1. After receiving fund into your dom. account, can you cash it out in naira? Or can you transfer the fund to your naira savings account?
    And is there any charge for receiving fund into a dom. account? Can i have the account without a card?

    • You can have the account without collecting card. There will be charges from the end of the person making a wire transfer into your account. You cannot cash out in Naira, you need to collect your foreign currency and change to Naira later.

  2. Hello. Please am thinking of opening domiciliary account tomorrow and I want to know if there will be much charges on every month. I need someone to eliting me please thank you.

  3. Am a blogger I really need this domiciliary account
    Hopefully with GT but I only have people with current account from other banks not GT

  4. How much naira Will it cost me to open a dom account with Sterling bank. Please I need fast answer

  5. Someone send me dollar in my dollar account isn’t most I will collect it within 3 days or the dollar will bounce back to the person that send it to please can someone answer me

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