Ghost of Tsushima Set for Summer 2020 Release, New Trailer Revealed!

ghost of tsushima PS4

Since it was first announced back in 2017 by Sucker Punch Productions, many have been looking forward to when Ghost of Tsushima would be launched. The E3 2018 gameplay trailer further heightened the expectation. Last night at The Game Awards, a new trailer was revealed and the game was finally announced for a summer 2020 release date.

Set in Tsushima, Japan in 1274, Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world action-adventure game. It’s a samurai fighter game which is played from a third-person perspective. According to the developers Sucker Punch Productions, the game can be played stealthily to take down enemies or you can use any style you want to combat.

From what has been revealed so far, the story says: “In 1274, the fearsome Mongol Empire invades the Japanese island of Tsushima and slaughters its legendary samurai defenders. Jin Sakai is one of the last survivors of a noble samurai clan. To combat his overwhelming foes, he must pioneer deadly new fighting techniques–the way of The Ghost–and wage an unconventional war for the people of Japan.”

Sucker Punch Productions is best known for its Infamous games and Sly Cooper. Ghost of Tsushima would be its first full game in a long while. With the PS5 also launching next year holiday, it will be a great way for the developers to bow out.

2020 is looking to be a great year for gamers with The Last of Us Part II already confirmed for a May 2020 release date.

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