Facebook plans to put advertisement in videos

Facebook video

Facebook video

One of the new updates to Facebook in recent years is the possibility to upload and stream videos on the social network. And since the inception of this update, lot of videos have been missing their way home–to Youtube–and ending on Facebok, and now, over 100 million hours are spent daily on watching videos on the social network.

With this huge amount of time spent daily on videos in mind, the Facebook team thinks putting advertisement in videos would help increase its revenue, therefore plans are on going to start testing ads in videos on the social network. When finally implemented, videos on the social network would start displaying ads after 20s into playing a video.

And like on Youtube, video publishers will also be benefitting from the goodies of these ads: a sharing formula of 55:45 will be used to shared revenue from ads. Publishers will get 55% and Facebook will take 45%. The social network giant believes this sharing formula will make people upload more videos to Facebook.

Consequently, don’t be surprise when you start seeing ads while watching videos. All you need to do is to also become a video publisher and share the ad bounty with Facebook.

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