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There aren’t many people who don’t want something for free, especially when it comes to apps and games for their mobile devices. AppEven offers just that – a vast choice of apps, games, tweaks and more, all free. As well as being completely free, it also doesn’t need a jailbreak to work; read on for more details.

App Features:

AppEven is fundamentally an app store, but it couldn’t be more different from the stock app store. Not only does it offer free iOS apps, but it also provides modified apps and games for free too. Some of the top features include:

  • Multiple download languages
  • Massive range of app store apps
  • Tweaked stock apps with new features
  • Modified stock games unlocked and with extras
  • Themes, ringtones, wallpapers, media apps, screen recorders, and more
  • A handful of Cydia tweaks
  • Supports all iOS devices on iOS 10 or higher
  • Plenty more cool features

Is AppEven Secure?

Yes, completely secure. Not only was the installer thoroughly tested every step of the way, but the developers also added SSL encryption to ensure that you and your data are safe while using it. We also tested it before telling you about it; one thing the developers do urge is that you install every update they release as this is the only way to ensure the installer stays safe.

That said, rather than leaving your safety entirely in the hands of the developer, and you should also help yourself – install anti-virus software on your device.

How to Download AppEven:

AppEven is easy enough to download although you can’t get it from the app store. Follow the steps below to get it on your device today.

  1. Open your Safari browser, go to the AppEven download page and tap the download button
  2. When the page opens, find and tap the Install button – skip this, and the profile will not be installed
  3. Wait till you see the app icon on the iPhone home screen; the installation has been successful.
  4. When you tap the icon to open it, you will see a message that asks you to Trust the Enterprise Developer – make a note of the developer name in the message
  5. Open your Settings app and go to General>Profiles
  6. Tap on the Enterprise section, tap the developer name and tap on Trust
  7. Confirm and close settings; AppEven is now ready to use

If the app icon does not appear on your home screen, the installation has not been successful, and you must repeat the steps again.

Popular Apps:

AppEven is packed with great apps and games and, as always, there are those that are downloaded more than others. Some of the very best include:

  • Minecraft PE
  • iFile File Manager
  • GTA – Grand Theft Auto

How to Use AppEven:

Downloading AppEven is easy enough; using it is even easier, especially as it is much like the official app store:

  1. Tap on the AppEven icon to open the installer
  2. Tap on any one of the app categories
  3. Find an app or a game – have a browser through or use the search box to find something specific
  4. Tap on the app or game, tap on Install and wait
  5. If any other instructions appear on the app screen, follow them to install it

Fix AppEven Errors:

Errors are quite rare with the installer, but you might be unlucky enough to face one of these two.

  • Untrusted Developer Error – this is because you are using unofficial content but is easy to solve – open Settings>General>Profiles, find the developer name and trust it
  • App Keeps Crashing – this is because Apple revokes the app certificate, as they do with all unofficial content. You will have to reinstall it but there is a way to stop it from getting revoked – install a recommended VPN on your device, and the certificates will be protected.

AppEven is definitely one of the better app installers we have at our disposal. It has a vast choice of apps and games, not to mention other content to and its all for free. With a no need to install Cydia anybody can take full advantage of what the installer has to offer.

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