Top 5 Free Smartphone Apps for School


It is important for students to succeed in their learning and the best way to ensure it happens is by integrating the learning system into their everyday life. It is almost unavoidable for one to own a Smartphone including students, then it is only wise to use the Smartphone to the advantage of the students due to limited time to write my paper and convert it to a study tool. The are many education apps to be used in school and colleges and they make it easy for you to survive. The Smartphone is not only good for socializing, but also learning developments. Learning software has always been there even before the existence of the Smartphone but one had to buy it or access it from a library. Times have changed and it is available anytime and anywhere one can be.

Easybib; best for writing research papers and bibliography

This is an information literacy platform where one can input reference information and transform them into citation style. With this transformation, it is easy to find other related content with details regarding the research. Students just save the research material and create notes. The notes can then be conveniently transferred to another application with less time being spent on research. The easybib app is a great research tool and resource in school because it is efficient and effective as a learning app.

Office lens; best for classroom capture, lecture and taking notes

This is a productivity app which is similar to a photo scanner. The app is used to take pictures of documents, whiteboard or any other written material and then it crops the background, making it easy for the pictures to be stored as files. Later the files are converted or exported to be used.

Study Blue; taking notes and student planning

This app makes the largest study library for students. Students access over 400 million flashcards and study guides for other students. The app is just amazing with features that help you create custom quizzes, set reminders, track progress and access study content suggested by a million students from all over the world. StudyBlue allows students to study better because of its large network of millions of students from all over the world.

GCSEPod; Revision and exam preparation

It is comprehensive with different revision materials useful for learning; it has different GCSE courses which makes it excellent for exam preparation. It helps a leaner refresh on different subjects and digitally stimulates concepts and information that help students revise exams created by the exam boards.

myHomework; student planning tool

This is a digital basic planning tool which keeps students informed of their daily routine and upcoming assignments. The app user just enters details of the homework and due dates in the calendar to make it simple for the app to keep them informed. The students get to note the high priority class work, and low priority work and the dates and time. The app is used as a reminder.

School is important amidst of other important things that students need to take care of. It is important that schools encourage students to use apps which will help them accomplish their everyday life duties easily including paper written assignments and other school-based activities. Choose the best-tailored apps for your needs whenever you need them with the knowledge and information they provide for students. It is important to focus on how best to use the school apps to improve the student experience.

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