Easy Ways to Contact Airtel Customer Care

airtel customer care number

Airtel network is arguably one of the most prominent network providers in Nigeria today, with millions of subscribers. As one of the fastest growing networks in Nigeria, people subscribe to the Airtel network daily. Hence, most Airtel network users require authentic information about the network, the packages on offer and how to use the network on their phones. To get these pieces of information, the most authentic method is by contacting the Airtel Customer Care. In this article, we will be enlightening you on the easy ways to contact Airtel customer care.

Old and new users of the Airtel network require regular updates on tariff plans, Airtel data plans, Unlimited data plan, Airtel bonuses, opting in and out of promotional packages, and so on. You can make enquiries at any time of the day on any of the above-listed packages and many more. Customer service agents are readily available to provide credible answers to your queries and complaints.

Airtel Customer Care Number

Dialling the Airtel customer care line is, perhaps, the fastest and most convenient way of making enquiries or complaints about Airtel network services and packages. The annoying thing about this is that you will be put on hold for some minutes before your call is eventually picked up by a customer service agent.

To reach the customer care of Airtel, follow the steps below:

  • Dial 111 or 121, if you are calling directly from an Airtel number.
  • Dial 08021500111 or 08021500121, if you are calling from another network within Nigeria.
  • Dial +2348021500111 or +2348021500121, if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

Contact Airtel Customer Care on Facebook

We are in the time of Social Media. So if you are the Social media-savvy type, you can easily contact Airtel customer care on the largest social media platform: Facebook. All you have to do is drop your message of enquiry or complaint on Airtel Nigeria Facebook page, and a customer care agent will reply to you as soon as possible.

Contact Airtel Customer Care on Twitter

To make enquiries or complaints via Twitter, follow @airtel_care, tweet at them or send them a DM.

Contact Airtel via your Nearest Service Centre

If you are not confident in the services rendered over the phone or through other media, you can visit any of the service centres or offices close to you. You can check out the address of all Airtel offices nationwide here: Airtel offices nationwide.

Feedback Form

You can send your complaints and/or enquiries by simply filling and submitting the Feedback Form on the Airtel official website.

E-mail Contact

E-mail is one of the oldest and most reliable media of digital communication. Hence, Airtel offers a platform on email, through which you can contact their customer care. Kindly lodge your complaints or make enquiries by sending an email to this address: customercare@ng.airtel.com. A representative will reply to you in no time.

Finally, if you are the “old school” type, who relies on the physical posting of letters, you can easily send your queries and complaints (addressed to the “Head of Customer Care/Service) via your nearest post office to this address:

Plot L2, Banana Island,

Foreshore Estate,

Ikoyi Lagos,


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  1. I have been trying to buy data but isn’t working since yesterday n the keep on debuting me from my account n I want it to be stopped

  2. Good evening?I wish you could have a platform from where people can verify their Airtel numbers personally so as to avoid inconveniences
    Just like other players in the market are doing
    Thank you

  3. Am not enjoying your services anymore, it’s pain me that I have done so much marketing for your line, because I was enjoying it initially. It’s abtmy data I bought 1000 to load and you guys are saying I can’t loan all because I didn’t blinge of 350 yesterday?


  5. Pls I have a challenge o. I did this unlimited data bundle service of #300 for 25 days by dialing *688# since 2 days ago, but am not enjoying the data at all. Instead, you have been deducting from my main call account whenever I put on my data. I see this as a fraud please. And that is after my #300 has already been deducted for the sercvice. Kindly rectify it immediately I please. Thank you.

    • Yesterday I borrow credit I was told successful but when I want to make call nothing is in my account, and I recharge 100 it was deducted from my account immediately I want to know the problem

  6. I have been recharging and it’s been deducted without me making calls and which I don’t know why…can someone come to my aid before I run mad

  7. This is an incomplete guide…. you’ll be asked to press some numbers when you call and this wasn’t addressed in the post so this is just a click bait…yucks

  8. I recharged through my online banking, i till haven’t gotten my airtime, need to make calls now. I want to know what’s going on.

  9. how do i go about getting a complete airtel account set-up to manage my Mifi.
    the registration carried out at the POS were completely useless,this tool over three weeks after which the said registration is ok yet i cannot have access to it and as i sent this mail no mobile number is accepted in the profile setup at least to change password .
    this make it diffucult to subscribe for data if am out of station..

  10. I gifted a number #1500(3gb) with this number 09014625691 to 07018393878 but the airtime was deducted with no data to the receiver’s number..

  11. I recharged my Airtel line but it was not registered that I recharged I recharged 500 but now I only have 100 and my last 5 transaction show’s that I recharged and I didn’t borrow for them to take money pls how do I get my money back

  12. Airtel is useless in there way of attending to their customers the 111 customer help line has no option of speaking to their representative
    I’m switching to glo or mtn

  13. Hello, pls what’s happen, that data is going like water oo, I have done 6gig and it didn’t last for more a two days

  14. They are deducting my money when I recharge to my line,I recharge 100 naira today I only use 16 naira they deducted everything.. what is happening

  15. Pls they block my Airtel line and I want u people to help me and unblock it, the Airtel line is my business line and the Airtel line is here with me right here, so I want u people to help me and unblock it

  16. I want to call Airtel customer service bt the number is not going,121,I don’t know what is wrong

  17. Since the day I received this message from Airtel Dear Customer, your request to upgrade your contract from Prepaid to Postpaid is successful. Thank you for choosing Airtel.
    Dear Customer, your request to upgrade your contract from Prepaid to Postpaid is successful. Thank you for choosing Airtel. I can’t make call anymore
    I did not ask them to upgrade anything for me I just saw since than i can only received but I can not make call

  18. they disconnected my line how can I connect it back I have opened this line with so many things my account everything how can I insult it out

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