How to Increase Battery Life of a Laptop and Prolong Its Lifespan

increase battery life of a laptop

You could decrease or increase battery life of a laptop computer with the way you use or manage it. The importance of having a laptop computer with a good battery life cannot be overemphasized.

check laptop battery health

Ways to Increase Battery Life of a Laptop Computer

Keep Cool

Always make sure you are using your laptop in a cool environment, batteries are not to be exposed to heats. Should you find yourself having to use your computer in a hot place make sure the place is well ventilated.

Do Not Run Down Completely

Some people do not care about draining their laptop’s battery at once. I’ve seen students getting deeply engrossed with playing games on their laptop that they do not even know when the computer alerted for a low battery. Things like these weakens the battery and reduces the life span, do not wait till your computer goes off itself before shutting it down. We recommend shutting down your computer when it gets to like 15-12% if you had no power source to charge.

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Recharge Battery

Some people do not care plugging their laptop to a power source for 24hrs even when the battery is at 100% level. Some could be so greedy they wouldn’t allow others to charge if there was only one available power source working. When you charge your computer fully use till it gets to like 15% before recharging again. Doing this has been known to preserve battery lifespan.

Make Use Of Battery Power Plans

Power plans are on your computer for a reason. The manufactures/OS companies knew what they were doing when they made default power plans with the computer. When you are not plugged to a power source change to Power Saver, this reduces screen brightness and reduces some background processes to minimum power consumption level thereby prolonging battery life.

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    • Yeah, as long as the generator’s capacity is in tune with the laptop’s battery capacity. However, using a small generator with little capacity is not advisable. To be on the safer side connect a stabilizer with the generator then plug your laptop. Cheers!

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