Privacy Shade, an app developed by Blackberry for Android OS, can help you keep away spies

Privacy shade

If you have ever been in the public pressing your phone, someone sitting beside you would have stylishly tried to peep at your phone’s screen to see what you are doing. I have done this to people, a couple of times, and I sure I have been a victim of this, too.

Blackberry believes this act isn’t healthy, so it releases a new application that will help in keeping spying eye away. The application, called Privacy Shade, provides a sort of shade on the screen so that only the part of the screen you are engaging with is visible.

This helps to block out the area of your phone’s screen that you aren’t really engaging, and thus making spies beside you only to see shade of black, instead of the contents on your screen.Therefore, with Privacy Shade you can read your email, SMS, and chat in the public, without worrying about snooping neighbour.

Blackberry Privacy Shade only works on Android 7.0 Nougat and available for download on Play Store. Get it Here.

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