How to Transfer Money with *919# UBA Mobile Money Transfer Code

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UBA mobile money transfer code makes it easy to perform any transaction via SMS or USSD right from the comfort of your home or anywhere. UBA is one of the oldest and most reliable banks in Nigeria at the moment. With UBA mobile money transfer code various transactions can be done such as bills payment, airtime recharge, etc.

How to transfer with UBA Mobile Money Transfer Code

To use the UBA bank mobile banking, you need to register first from a registered number associated with your bank account.

  • Dial *919# from on your mobile phone. Follow the on-screen command, Get your PIN and start using UBA mobile USSD banking.
  • To send money to a UBA Account, dial *919*3# and follow the on-screen command.
  • To send money to other Nigerian banks, dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen command.

For transfers above N20,000 you need a Secure Pass (in form of a token). You can download the app for Android and iOS or visit a nearest UBA branch near you to get the token and carry out further transactions from the comfort of your home.


How to Buy Airtime with UBA Airtime Recharge Code

You can use UBA mobile recharge code to buy airtime for yourself or your friends and family directly from your account.

  • To load airtime to your own phone, simply dial *919*Amount# – for example, to recharge N500 for yourself dial *919*500#
  • To load airtime for a friend or family, dial  *919*Phone Number*Amount# – for example, to recharge N500 for a friend dial *919*08134609654*500#

How to Check UBA account Balance on Your Phone

I suppose you’ve registered by now. To check UBA account balance on your phone, dial *919*00# – your balance will be displayed on your screen.

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  1. Have been trying to transfer on my phone but it wasn’t going. Any problem please?

  2. Is it possible for me to buy online or transfer to another account without using, my account number just my name and Atm pin?

  3. all the way from arex computers, we need all registration codes from all banks in Africa. thanks for the understanding

  4. Pls, am not able to transfer even after registering.. Can I transfer with *919*amount*acct num#?

    • Hello admin, I tried to sign up for uba mobile banking, but it’s saying my phone number is not recognized and I registered my phone number with the bank. What could have gone wrong?

  5. Admin plz ah’v been using this ussd code for a long time now, but since dey added this option (pls choose approval method: 1pin( max of 20.000) 2 secure pass (max of 1million) if I choose option 1, after putin d destination acct nd d acct number, it wil just show a number like 15 nd ask me to reput destination acct number. pls help me cox this tranfer method has been very useful to me

  6. My mobile line have link to my account number and I used to received alert through it, but I’m still unable to buy airtime when I dial the code they ASKED me of 10 digit a/c number, follow by pin after given this they will still asked for it until they cut it without success transaction

    • Hi, sometimes the transaction cuts but it will still be successful, check your account balance to confirm. It it is not successful its because of the network. You will need to try again.

  7. PLZ ADMIN TELL ME ALL D PROCESSES I SHOULD FOLLOW TO TRANSFER MONEY FROM UBA TO ANOTHER BANK! I TRIED TO PRESS *919*account no*amount# but it does not exist! plx i need ur highlight

  8. helo admin I do nt hv an atm card can I transfer money frm my registered number to another bank account

  9. Hello admin am dilling *919# but it wasn’t reach am being reply with connection problems or invalid IMM CODE

  10. I tried to transfer money using my phone but it is requesting for secure code. How do I get this please?

    • Create one from the menu, visit or call the bank on any of these numbers (+234)01-2808822 (2808UBA)
      (+234) 07002255-822 (0700-CALL-UBA)

  11. E been using the USSD code *919# and *919*4# to transfer to other banks. It has always been succesful, even when the transaction cuts, when I dail, it continues from where I stopped. Everything has been working just fine until few weeks back. I lost my ATM and in my institution’s location, there’s no UBA bank… To access the bank, I’d have to travel so far to get there. Just last week, I deposited some ammount hopping to get it for a friend’s birthday taking place today, applying for a new ATM will take about a week plus and I need the money now. Been trying to transfer since yesterday…the reply I get is “suplimentry service error:system failure” mean while, same code works for my neighbour and roomate. I’ve been wasting my airtime on the bank’s customer care but all they say is network issues. The question is, why are the codes working all around me with the exception of me? I called MTN customer care and the agent confirmed my sim’s okay and the network’s steady in my local. UBA customer care says my account’s okay…MTN customer care says my sim and network strength’s okay….so which one of them’s lying? So why aint the codes working for me anymore??? The birthday’s about to start, I haven’t gotten my outfit, haven’t bought any gift, need a haircut, and need to assist the celebrant in terms of finances but here I am…cashless. Don’t even know what to do. I am not happy with this bank… Funny thing is when I try to purchase airtime, Mtn and UBA works pretty well together…buying airtime works wonderfully well but transfering my moni is a problem to them. If there be any solution to this…bring all up at once cause I’m not happy. Yes I knw the money aint much but it means a lot to me.

  12. Comment Text*pls I have tried to recharge on several occassions and they are requesting for 4 digit no. I don’t understand that 4 digit no pls.

  13. I intend to make a transfer in excess of N20000, but I’m required to provide a ‘secure pass’.
    I really don’t know what it means.
    Could you suggest how to go about it?

  14. are you sure this is real or scam dear, why do you tell them to contact here, does it mean that there is no other way out than that site you created or you want to fraud them sir.

  15. I av two UBA accounts registered with the same telephone number

    now I could only use one account
    how do I switch account on UBA magic banking

  16. I want to transfer up to 100000 with the used but it’s telling me to input a secure pass
    Yet I don’t receive any message or secure pass
    How can I get secure pass

  17. please sir, I want to change my phone number, I lost my first number and I want to change from that number to the number am using now, so that I will be able to receive alert and do other stuff with this new number.

  18. I have been trying to activate the UBA app on my phone,amd am using a VISA debit card,but it’s not working…..why

  19. admin my phone got lost and have not been receiving alert since then. can I change my number online cos av gotten another num

  20. Pls is *919# code toll free, coz I notice whenever I don’t have credit on my phone I can’t perform a transaction.

  21. When i put d account number and bank for transferring to other banks, i put amount and pin. They will say request processing i will get a response shortly. But i will never get it and the money will still be there. No deduction, no matter d times i try.

  22. hi, i made transfer with my phone and i was told to wait shortly for notification, i can’t see any notification yet and my airtime has bn deducted.

  23. Pls admin, can I transfer be possible with VISA card,?I’ve been trying to transfer to other banks but always failed

  24. Admin please is this +919# code for all network? Because whenever I try using it on my etisalat number I will get a response that I have insufficient airtime. Even when I’m having more than 1000 on my line.

  25. I noticed that mobile transfer between your bank and other banks is limited to only seven banks. why is it so. is it that the other banks are not worthy to transact with you or what. cos I’ve been trying to transfer money to my Gtbank account but it is not among the banks on your mobile platform

  26. Pls dear I don’t have ATM card and they are requesting for the last 4 digits from my card for me to sign up to the UBA USSD code. pls what can I do about it and I need to make an urgent transaction. Can last 4 digit of my Bvn work for it?

  27. Please I want to make online transfer and I am asked to provide referral ID, what does it mean and how do I get it

  28. Please I bought Mtn data from my UBA Account (Umobile) I was debited but I didn’t Recieve the airtime what do I do?

  29. When I want to use the *919# code for transfer, it keeps asking for pin how do I generate a pin using my phone. Any code like that of gtbank to gen a pin code for transfer please ?

  30. Why do the always charge me when I do transfer, ,how can I transfer without the use of my airtime

  31. why are my debited extra money in my account when I transfer and also money deducted from my airtime

  32. pls. I use magic banking for transfer but now am being ask to put secure pass I don’t understand now I have downloaded the secure pass App. trying to open it I was ask to put user ID…which user ID pls. I don’t understand help me out

  33. please what is this secure pass all about, I can’t even do mobile money transfer anymore, I keep receiving enter your Secure Pass… please help

  34. Hello. I have been trying to transfer to other bank. But I couldn’t and it was the same number I use for my Uba registration. Can you help me out please

  35. I wanted to transfer 20k to other bank but is requesting for my secure pass.why? Became I didn’t transfer above 20k

  36. How do i get a secure pass for my 919 transfer when I’m about to make further transcations it has a restriction and it keeps asking for my secure pass

  37. Hello
    Please I was trying to make a transfer of cash
    After the detail
    They ask me for secure pass..
    Now which umber is the secure pass

  38. Please, I need to make transfer to other bank and when I dialed the banking code, it requested for “secure pass ” which I don’t know it meaning. Please help me out asap!

  39. Please, I need to make transfer to other bank and when I dialed the banking code, it requested for “secure pass ” which I don’t know it meaning. Please help me out asap!

  40. Am trying to register with *919# to make a transfer but requesting for a pin code. Please how do I generate the pin

  41. Pls have bing trying to transfer money from account is not going pls who can help me out thanks for your understanding

  42. Pls can I use the used code to transfer money, I do not have a debit card. if no, what other channel can i use to withdraw without using a debit card

  43. I have just send my uba acct pin- i recieve a text saying i will recieve a notification soon but i haven’t- can i go ahead and used d new pin to make transfer now?

  44. Admin please have been using my mobile banking all of a sudden it just stop telling me my phone is not connected to internet whereas other apps are working, please what can i do to rectify it.

  45. Please sir, since i changed the number i used in opening my account. i have been trying to create mobile banking using my phone but nothing is working. please, what should i do?

  46. please what is the code for Ghanaians. I have been trying the *919*00# and others but to no avail

  47. i have a UBA account…am trying to transfer cash to someone through ussd code…..and am trying to sign up…it is repeating itself…..n it taling me back to square one ….what can i do?

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