Top 10 Best VR Games for Android in 2019

best vr games for android

Google cardboard has triggered many people’s interests in virtual reality. More pleasantly, many VR games are supported by Cardboard. This post seeks to point out 10 of the best VR games for Android.

Best VR Games for Android

  1. Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

This game is a massive upgrade to Lamper VR: First Flight. This highly addictive game is loved because of its gameplay. A big, terrifying world is portrayed. The ominous Spiders attack the Firefly kingdom and the allies of the players are kidnapped. The player has to embark on a rescue mission to save allies. The use of powerballs and power-ups are employed to defeat several enemies. This game is fun to play.

  1. BattleZ VR

This addictive zombie shooter VR game can be played via Google Cardboard and Gear VR. The objective is for players to form partnerships with their allies and defend their homes against threats from zombies who seem to have taken over most parts of the world. Not limited to that, players can betray each other and battle one another. Sounds like a conspiracy theory right? A Virtual Reality viewer is required to have a great experience with this game.

  1. BombSquad VR for Cardboard

This is an arcade game with platforms. The catch is to avoid anything that might trigger planted bombs to explode. Also, capture flags are to be avoided too. This is a very interesting game to play.

It is a multiplayer game and up to eight players can feature. It is a level-based game and every level has to be completed. It is a paid game and it can be purchased for $2.99.

  1. VR Fantasy

Fearlessness and accuracy are the watchwords of this game. Playing involves journeying into an antique magical stronghold. The player fortifies himself with a sword to overcome all the puzzles one shall encounter on one’s way to the exit. There are lots of meandering to do between walls, opening doors and tearing down boxes. This game is definitely every VR enthusiast should experience.

  1. Need for Jump (VR game)

This is an endless running game where a player has to run and jump over obstacles to earn coins. This coins can be used to upgrade abilities. The player’s head movement determines the direction of the runner and that makes it more exciting.

This game is multiplayer-enabled so one can play with friends. It is available on Google Play.

  1. InMind VR (Cardboard)

This game is centred on adventure arcade. It is designed especially for the Google Cardboard. No special viewer is required to play this game and that makes it easily accessible. The gameplay is a rather interesting one. The objective is to make sure the brain does not become unhealthy and to achieve this, the player has to journey through all the neurons. This game does not cost a dime.

  1. VR Space: The Last Mission

This is easily one of the best VR games for Android devices. A war-like experience is relayed. The player is an experienced space war personnel and is on the last spaceship existing. The player is humans’ last hope. Would the player overcome obstacles or bow to pressure? The gameplay decides.

It can be played with a gamepad and Cardboard. One can disable Cardboard and make use of the gamepad instead. This game isn’t free. It can be purchased for $0.99 on Google Play.


  1. Chair In A Room

This highly educative game deas with an attorney-at-law who aims to rise to the peak of his career. Each step taken reveals various corruption stories and conspiracies. The player has to overcome many challenges by suffering many setbacks and rising up after. This game is highly recommended for the inquisitive ones. The ending is a happy one and it certainly makes our list of the best VR games for Android at the moment.

  1. Haunted Rooms: Escape VR Game

This is another scary VR game. A player is trapped in a room and has to escape. There are several episodes and one has to venture through them to get to the ultimate goal. A horror game cum thriller, one is sure to develop goosebumps and experience nostalgia.

The most interesting part of the game is the fact that this scariness appears suddenly. There is no form of warning. Therefore, the player isn’t prepared for what’s coming. There are puzzles to demystify and hidden objects to obtain.

The beginning of the game reveals a player retiring to bed before one’s wedding anniversary. The darkness erupts suddenly and the player has no idea of what is happening. The player suffers memory loss and that makes everything difficult. Shrewdness and determination are the only determinants to a player’s success.

  1. Sisters VR game

If you are a lover of horror and mystic, this is the game for you. Most of the game scenes and really frightening coupled with the fact that it is enjoyed on VR. That makes the scariness scarier because of the first-hand experience. The sounds emanating from the VR headset can be mind-blowing too. The most popular line associated with the game is “Be careful where you look because something doesn’t want you here”.

There is not much skill to display. All you have to do is move your VR headset and experience full terror unleashed.

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