Top 7 Baby Monitor Apps for Android

baby monitor apps for android

In this article, you will learn about the best baby monitor apps for Android available at the moment. Are you worried about the safety of your baby and need reassurance that they are in the crib, safe and sound? The solution to this problem lies in a tool that is both handy and easily accessible — your smartphone. Yes, you can make use of your Android phone as a baby monitor. There is a number of Android apps you can install on your Android handset to keep an eye on your baby at any time and from anywhere. Before we look at the top picks from these apps, let’s examine how an old smartphone can function as a baby monitor.

Here’s How You Can Convert an Android Phone into a Baby Monitor

Usually, you will require two smartphones for this activity: The first handset will have a working camera and play the role of monitoring the baby, while the second will function as the ‘parent station’ with internet access (WiFi). You will connect the first phone to the WiFi network of the other device; then download and install any of the baby monitor apps, which will soon discuss, on the two handsets.

After carrying out the above-mentioned steps, you will position the camera of the first Android phone in such a way that the camera position points towards the baby placed in their crib at a slightly far distance away just enough to view the baby and few things in the surroundings. You must make sure that the phone you intend using as a tool to monitor the baby is put on the same WiFi connection as the other handset, and connected to a charging outlet or a similar power source. Also, ensure the features for advanced security are turned on already so as to make the video streams of your child private, accessed only by you. Now, let’s go ahead to discuss the last part of this write-up — best baby monitor apps for Android.

Top 7 Baby Monitor Apps for Android This Year          

  1. Baby Monitor by Dormi

Dormi app tops any baby monitor apps for Android list for a number of reasons, chief among which is the fact that it lets you connect multiple parent handsets to a single child phone. Another feature that has endeared this app to the hearts of many users is that after downloading the app on the two phones you intend using to monitor your child, you can use it both online and offline.


  • This tool alerts you of any calls as well as text messages missed on the device that’s keeping an eye on your child.
  • With Dormi, you needn’t configure the sensitivity of the microphone as the app controls the noise levels automatically.
  • Dormi offers enhanced night vision capability.
  • Parent device starts to vibrate once your child starts to cry.
  • It offers a strong encryption feature for transferred data.

Download Dormi on Google Play Store for $8.99.

  1. Baby Monitor 3G

This is another great tool that can turn your Android device into a baby monitor, which is both secure as well as reliable. Baby Monitor 3G sends live video of your child to your device and also lets you adjust the microphone sensitivity so you can find the sounds emanating from the room of your baby audible.

baby monitor apps for android


  • This app features activity recording.
  • It allows multi-parent units.
  • It features unlimited range.
  • On detecting any movement or activity in your child’s room, Baby Monitor 3G notifies you.
  • It’s safe, secure as well as reliable.

Download the app from Play Store for $3.99.

  1. Baby Monitor by Faebir

This app offers simple, easy-to-use design and features to users. When your child cries or makes some noise, it detects this and notifies you using text message, regular call, or a call via Skype.


  • The tool can work in background even at instances when phone screen is not on.
  • It offers adjustable microphone sensitivity.
  • It alerts you when there is low battery.
  • Baby Monitor by Faebir can recover automatically from temporary issues.

Get it from Google Play Store here for free.

  1. WiFi Baby Monitor

Offering you timely audio and video broadcasts, this tool assists you in monitoring your child. WiFi Baby Monitor is very secure and has password protected cameras.

baby monitor apps for android


  • It produces video and audio of high quality.
  • It lets you control the resolution of videos.
  • The app is free to download and use.
  • It lets you zoom in parts of a video to get a better view.
  • This tool offers simultaneous multiple internet connections.

Get WiFi Baby Monitor from Play Store here for free or $4 for the premium version.

  1. Baby Monitor and Alarm

This tool offers secure and reliable baby monitor service for Android users. Baby Monitor and Alarm, which features noise recording and call-to-parent option, even lets you replay noises if you feel it is necessary. Baby Monitor and Alarm is arguably one of the best baby monitor apps for Android.

baby monitor apps for android


  • It notifies of any noise from your baby’s room by calling you.
  • It is easy to use and reliable.
  • It features activity log.
  • Baby Monitor and Alarm has a mommy‘s voice feature.

Download the app from Play Store here for $3.99.

  1. Home Security Camera

This common security app was developed by Alfred labs and offers notifications, motion detection, and many other features. We placed the app in this position in our ranking because it is slightly costly, though it offers users a good value for their money.


  • It works perfectly with most forms of internet connections.
  • It features 2-way walkie talkie functionality.
  • There are other advanced functions for certain uses.

Visit this link to get the app on Google Play Store for free or $3.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly.

  1. AtHome Camera

This is a home surveillance system that transforms your Android device into a camera and produces streams that can be viewed from other handsets or laptops. You can download AtHome Camera for free on Google Play Store.


  • It has a motion detection sensor.
  • It serves as a reliable and secure baby monitor.  

Download this app on Google app here for free.

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