Apps’ Role in Visual Content Creation in 2022

apps for visual content creation

Today, visual content is at the forefront of the marketing industry and is its most important component. No one has time to read anymore because, according to research, a minute-long video is now worth 1.8 million words. We continue to see this trend grow as 70% of marketers now prefer creating their own new images over repurposing. Whether you run your own blog, break the news on social media, or develop a social project to stand out on Instagram, everyone should remember that their visual content should be creative, memorable, aesthetically appealing. And you can make it so with the help of mobile applications. They help to revive photos and videos, add music, stylish effects, title or titles, remove unwanted objects using the remover from Retoucher Online. And there are a variety of such applications.

Photo Preview Apps

They came up with all sorts of ways to make posts on Instagram look harmonious – image processing with the same filters, a single colour accent, staggered placement of posts, and much more. All techniques require publishing content in a specific sequence. Below we offer the TOP of the best apps for colour planning on Instagram.

  • UNUM

It’s a good application that will allow you to easily manage your Instagram in one style. You will be able to create and edit content, as well as analyze its effectiveness. It is possible to manage an unlimited number of connected accounts. To make managing your accounts and following your content plan easy, you can set reminders on a dedicated calendar.

  • Preview

This application makes it easy to develop a unified style and will become your real assistants in professional account management. Its functionality includes options for developing a content plan, in-depth analytics, including competitor profiles, selection of the best hashtags, the ability to repost posts, a professional photo editor and many amazing filters.

  • Content Office

This Instagram planner is ideal for managing private pages, as well as for entrepreneurs and professional SMM managers. The functions of the application allow you to create a content plan and set reminders to publish posts, select images in one colour through the preview option and publish entries directly from the application. You can promote up to 10 accounts at the same time. About 300 lessons and masterclasses, story cover layouts, and hashtag collections are also provided to help.

  • Planoly

Planoly is the official partner of Instagram and the best solution for commercial accounts. With the help of the application, you can create draft posts and plan a posting grid. You can work with other team members, upload photos from Google Drive and Dropbox, create hashtag collections, and more.

  • ViralTag

If social networks play an important role in your business, then be sure to try the ViralTag service, because with its help you can schedule posts not only on Instagram but also on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, as well as you can choose the best time for publishing based on account statistics.

Photo editing apps

You can involve a designer to create a visual, but sometimes there is no budget for it, especially if you are just starting your own business. You also need to wait for and coordinate the work of the designer, and sometimes pictures are needed urgently and constantly. Here applications and services come to the rescue, in which to process pictures on their own. And this is not Photoshop, which is so difficult to master from scratch.

  • PicsArt

A universal editor in which you can create visuals and other interesting content for any social network. Available functions: removing unnecessary objects, replacing and blurring the background, adding text, stickers, creating funny memes, many photo effects, transparent clothes effects and tools for painting over photos.

  • Canva

Canva is a simple application for creating almost any kind of graphics. You will have access to a huge library of premium images and cool extra features. You can upload your own fonts, customize and save corporate style and colours, adapt it to the format of different social networks, and even schedule publications on 7 platforms.

  • Shoplook

This is a collage-making service where you can make collections of pictures to illustrate blog articles, wish lists, collages of creative works, fashion images, home design elements – all of this can be created in one service.

  • Lightroom

Lightroom is a free photo editing service known among photographers. It has hundreds of filters that help create a harmonious visual range from a wide variety of photos. It will help you create a single feed on Instagram and illustrations on a blog, Facebook or anywhere else.

  • A color story

If Lightroom scares you and you think that it is very complicated, try A colour story – an application for Android and iPhone. Lots of free and paid filter sets to process and create a harmonious feed. This application helps to keep a consistent style in photos.

Video Applications

Different video formats are one of the Instagram Stories trends of 2022. By 2022, 80% of mobile traffic will be video. This is a powerful argument to create more video content. To make the videos cool and interesting, use mobile editors.

  • CapCut

One of the best video editors. The app is optimized for all mobile devices with maximum functionality. Here you can: change the speed of the video, add memes, text, animation to the video, add filters, make colour corrections, experiment with visual effects, make spectacular transitions, change the sound of the video by adding a melody or sound effect

  • Inshot

This program will allow you to: cut everything superfluous from the video, create a collage from photos, add text or emoticons, change the playback speed, adjust the volume of the source sounds, voice the video or add music if you wish, a large number of filters for every taste will help you set the desired mood.

  • Videoleap

A powerful video editor will help you create unusual stories and clips. Here you can: make professional video editing, compose videos and images, create double exposures, edit videos by layers, add smooth transitions, animate keyframes, add fonts, shadows, blends.

Animation Apps

  • MOJO

The application allows you to make animated stories and posts, and turns any picture and text into an animation. The application offers 50 text styles: choose and change the font, colour, size, position, move and align as you like. Mojo is the case when only fantasy can limit you.

  • Enlight Pixaloop

The application helps to make the effect of “live” photos. Everything that was static in the picture will become dynamic. The application offers a large number of different effects to make animated Instagram posts.

All this suggests that pictures and videos will take the place of text. There is no faster, easier and more efficient way to interact with people. Therefore, we recommend sticking to visual content marketing best practices if you want to stand out as much as possible in the digital world.

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