Yahoo Messenger Shuts Down its Service after 20 Years

yahoo messenger shuts down

The legendary Yahoo Messenger has officially been shut down and 90s kid like me will feel a part of our childhood has now been taken away. Long before the evolution of WhatsApp and all new IMs, Yahoo Messenger was the go-to chat application.

Back in June, Yahoo had announced its darling IM service will stop functioning soon and it has finally been shut down yesterday after 20 years of great service. Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Fantasy are still running and users do not have to worry about them. While there is no replacement in place for Messenger, Yahoo has been working on Squirrel; an invite-only group messaging app which is still in its beta phase. Squirrel can be accessed via

Looking back, Yahoo Messenger was the coolest thing on the internet years ago with people having unique IDs used to start conversations in Chat Rooms. The most common introduction message was ASL (which stands for Age, Sex and Location) for people to know briefly who they are chatting with before going deep into the conversation. The Messenger app had emojis and stickers which has now gained more prominence on apps such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

You Can Download Entire Yahoo Messenger Chat History

While the app is no longer functioning, users will still be able to download their personal chat history and reminisce about them till this will no longer be possible on November 30th, 2018. To get your entire chat history:

  • Visit the Request site and Sign in.
  • Select a Verification method, enter the Account Key sent to you.
  • Click on Download
  • Enter the email address you want the chat history sent to and click
  • Access your email for the chat history file.

Yahoo recommends you delete the Messenger app after you’ve done this. Cheer up 90s kid, sorrow may come in the night but joy cometh in the morning.

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