5 Smart and Simple Ways to Ace Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is here to stay. There are billions of daily active users and hundreds of millions of business profiles, making social media the new single biggest frontier for commerce, as can be seen in recent statistics on social media marketing.

Businesses are investing heavily in social media advertising, there are 6 million such companies on Facebook alone, and counting. In this post we’ll be highlighting 5 simple and smart steps to better social media marketing, but first

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of digital or online marketing that involves sharing text, quotes, blogs, photos, memes, GIFs, video content, etc on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Brands rightly using social media can expect to see more visibility, traffic, deeper engagement and overall better conversion rates plus adequate ROI.

However, with the level of social media competition, brands and businesses need to know how to develop and execute a winning social marketing strategy to survive and outwit the competition.

Following below are 5 smart and simple ways to do just that from setting up social marketing goals to looking up your analytics data more often and all in between.

Here are

5 Smart and Simple Steps to Better Social Media Marketing

Set, Itemize Goals

Your business goals will determine what your social media marketing campaign should be about and how it will pan out, left or right.

So, what do you really want?

  • more website traffic
  • more email list subscribers
  • more video views
  • more enquiries
  • more appointments, etc?

It is essential to sort this out before ever you open a social or business page account. Assuming you’re running an ad, breaking your goals down like this will help you better target your ad with the right words and at the right people.

Not only does itemization help simplify your goals, it makes keeping track easier as well as reporting. The sense of achievement that comes from accomplishing each goal on your list will inspire you to cross off the next goal.

Use Channels that Best Work for You

It wouldn’t be smart would it, to hop from one social network to another posting and trying to engage with random people who have no business whatsoever with your business (propositions)?

For instance, Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual platforms and seem most suited for photographers and photography pundits. LinkedIn on the other hand, has a more professional and formal posture, whereas Facebook appears to be all embracing.

So, find out what network best supports your kind of business and invest your time and resources there. With over 2 billion users Facebook remains the most widely used social media network. Nearly 68% of US adults reporting that they are Facebook users.

Identify and Engage Your Target Audience

We just mentioned above that billions use social media daily, but your target market perhaps constitutes only a tiny or certain percentage of that. Broken by demographics, targeting becomes a tad easier.

It is reported that 77.5% of daily active usage as broken down by generation are Gen-X, and 48.2% Baby boomers. Millennials cut out an impressive 90.4% of the pie. Armed with this information you can better decide how and who to target your ads or other social media marketing activities at.

Once you have identified your target audience engage them effectively; comment, like, tag and reply them. Let them know you genuinely care, this is how you grow your following.

Be More Analytical

Having set your goals, selected social network, identified target audience and marked out demographics, it is time to keep track and measure outcomes.

Nothing is too small to be ignored. You have to keep track of everything;

  • likes
  • shares
  • comments
  • impressions
  • reach
  • interest
  • content
  • followers
  • audience engagement and so on.

For most social networks, insights or page analytics is a business account feature.

Facebook Page features a tab clearly marked “insights”. From it you can view the

  • gender
  • location and other audience demographic data,
  • page performance
  • audience engagement, etc

Every major social network features insights data, some more detailed than others. Nowadays there are specialized tools and applications that can better collect, process and output your analytics data.

Tools such as Sprout Social, Buzzsumo and Google Analytics are great, they help you manage multiple social media accounts and keep track of data from them.

Be Consistent with Your Brand Offerings

From your logo through slogan to tone and everything in between, it is essential to maintain a consistent voice. The message can and should vary but the tone should always resonate with you, your brand.

This sort of brand consistency helps you differentiate as well as rise above social media noise, both of which are essential to social marketing success and longevity.

Maintain your brand voice, style, tone, colors, identity, etc. These are important for brand recognition and recall.


To excel at social media marketing you need to have more than a wish, you need a plan; an effective one at that. One that covers even minute details like when to post, where to post what, and times to post for optimal results.

The competition for social media attention and dollars is huge and growing, average attention span on the other hand, declining. For this reason it requires a balancing act to ace social media marketing, and you can start by:

  1. Setting and itemizing your social media marketing goals
  2. Identifying and using platforms that work best for you
  3. Identifying and engaging with your target audience
  4. Becoming more analytical
  5. Being consistent with your brand offerings

Author Bio:

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce Copywriter who has been featured in scores of blogs including Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, Floship, Successful Startup 101, Small Biz Club, Small Business Bonfire, among others.

Twitter: @amos_onwukwe

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