5 Best Voice and Call Recorder Apps for iOS Devices

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Searching for the best call recorder apps for iOS? You should read this.

Today, smartphones have offered many simple solutions for daily tasks. For example, recording your phone conversations used to demanding but with advancements in technology, you can perform this task with ease.

So why might you need a phone recorder app? Well, some people need this tool to take note of essential details made during calls, while others need to save their phone conversations for legal reasons.

Across the world, IOS devices have a large number of users. It also has specs that support voice and call recording mechanisms. With this in mind, there’s no surprise that we have a large number of apps on the App Store.

But searching for the best app might be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we have come up with the five best voice and call recorder apps for iOS right now.

Top Voice and Call Recorder Apps for iOS Devices

Below are some of the top tools on the App Store which can record your outgoing and incoming calls. Read through the article to find the one that will serve you well.

Recorder Plus

call recorder apps for ios

First on our list is Recorder Plus which comes as a good choice for recording high-quality audio. The all is compatible with various audio formats such as MP3, MP4, CAF, WAV, and M4A.

With this tool, you have the choice to select from three qualities. They include low, medium and high quality. We want to add that the free version of the app has limited features. But you can get an upgrade when $1.99 worth of in-app purchases are made. This fee unlocks the apps ability to record unlimited calls.

You can download Recorder Plus here.

TapeACall Pro

call recorder apps for ios

This app comes with features that will interest anyone looking for a call recording tool. It enables users to record both incoming and outgoing calls on their iOS smartphones. But to enjoy more features, a subscription fee of $10.99 is required. Once the payment is made, users can have unlimited longer recordings. You can even transfer the audio files from your device to your PC.

You can save the files on the cloud storage such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. Also, these files can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. If your list is long, you can cut back time by adding individual names to the recorded files. As soon as your calls ends, the recorded files will be ready. The simple to use interface allows easy navigation while the app gets constant updates.

You can download TapeACall Pro here.

Auto Call Recorder for iPhone

call recorder apps for ios

This recording tool for iOS devices comes with options that makes it an efficient app. For one, the app records calls easily and keeps them secured. Like many of the mentions on this list, you can also download the recording and share with your friends on social media. Another good thing about this app is its clutter-free interface.

The Auto Call Recorder app comes which has limited functionality. But with a monthly payment of $7.99 or a yearly fee of $47.99, you unlock all of its features.

You can download Auto Call Recorder here.

Auto Call Recorder for iPhone – CallRecorder +

A popular app with most iPhone users, the Call Recorder + comes as an honourable mention on this list. One cool feature of this app is that it functions in many countries and records both domestic and international calls. Besides, you do not need to have a data connection before you can use this service.

Saved files can be secured with a password. The app even keeps these files in cloud storage. Finally, the subscription for this app starts at $7.99/monthly.

You can download Auto Call Recorder for iPhone – Call Recorder + here.

Call Recorder

call recorder apps for ios

With this incredible app, you can record both incoming and outgoing calls. Besides, you can download the recordings and share them via Email, Dropbox, iMessage, Twitter, and Facebook. The app even records complete conversations. However, you need to make an upgrade before you can make recordings of more than 60 seconds.

The app supports teleconferencing and three-way calling. But if you use carriers such as H20 and Virgin Mobile, you might not enjoy the latter feature.

You can download Call Recorder here.

We hope you enjoyed our list for the top 5 voice and call recorder apps for iOS devices. Feel free to download any of the tools and please share with us your experiences using them.

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