Huawei Mate X Announced with Foldable Screen and 55W SuperCharge

huawei mate x foldable phone

After a series of teasers, Huawei has finally revealed the Mate X. This smartphone supports 5G networks based on Huawei’s modem, the Baolong 5000. With this technology, the company claims that this device is the fastest 5G smartphone.

The Mate X also boasts of 55W SuperCharge thus giving the record of the fastest charging smartphone. Huawei promises that this smartphone ‘s battery can reach 85% within 30 minutes of charging.

huawei mate x foldable phone
image credit: TheVerge

As a tablet, the Mate X offers an 8-inch display with a resolution of 2480 × 2200 pixels. In phone mode, the display becomes 6.6 inches with a resolution of 2480 × 1148 pixels with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9.

The other part serves aa secondary display which reminds us of the Nubia  X and NEX Dual Display- which have a screen and camera assembly on the same panel. Huawei promises the “best in class selfies” without giving details about the class of this smartphone-tablet hybrid. To capture the ideal photo, users are encouraged to use the main screen that has some bezels and nothing more.

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At a press conference, Huawei said the Mate X would have four cameras. But the blog reported the presence of triple camera assembly on a demo unit. Although Huawei did not offer details about the snapper, the GSMArena team sighted the Leica logo which provides top-notch images

Huawei also claims that the Mate X is “the world’s thinnest foldable phone” as it has a thickness of 11mm when folded. However, when unfolded, one side drops to 5.4mm. Furthermore, as the camera needs adequate space to function, you will find a bump on one side of the smartphone.

huawei mate x foldable phone
image credit: TheVerge

All these features are supported by the Mate X’s massive 4,500mAh cell which is gets charged via a USB C port beneath the bump. You will find a fingerprint scanner on one side which also serves as the power button.

Buyers can get the Huawei Mate X in mid-2019 at the $2,299 ($2600) in a single colour variant- Interstellar Blue.

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