Google Chrome vs Chromium – What are the Differences

chrome vs chromium

Al devices support one browser or the other. Such browsers include Google Chrome and Chromium. Although both browsers come from different developers, they share features. They even come with the same code; however, Google includes more add-ons. Let’s compare Chrome vs Chromium and see how each browser works individually.


Developed by the Chromium Project, Chromium is an open source web browser. This means you can modify its source code. However, only a few of its developers are permitted to carry out this task.

You can download the updated version from


Google launched this browser and will not charge you during its download or use. Unlike Chromium, you cannot modify its source code. However, Chrome is based on Chromium which allows Googles developers to add their unique codes. This enables the browser to have features which will enable it to track the browsing data and support Flash.

You can download Chrome from

Now here are the differences between Chrome and Chromium

Comparing Chrome vs Chromium

As mentioned earlier, both web browsers work with the same source code. But Chromium receives regular updates while Google includes features which perform a wide range of functions.

Although these are the major differences between both products, there are several underlying instances where both browsers exhibit different features under various categories.

Security Sandbox Activation

Both browsers support to support the security sandbox feature which provides a tightly controlled environment for the running of programs. However, Chromium has this feature deactivated by default in most cases.


Chrome offers fewer updates than Chromium. This is because Chromium works with the Chromium Project which changes frequently. So, if you need to have access to the latest version of code, download Chromium.

But Chrome receives it updates automatically while Chromium does not. Also, the update feature offers notifications if your Chrome browser is out of date.

Source Media Codecs

Unlike Chromium, Chrome supports closed and licensed media codecs such as AAC, H.264, and MP3. With these codecs, Chrome can play media from video platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. But if you use Chromium, you can install the codecs manually.

Google Store Features

By default, Chrome locks you to Google Play Store. This means with Mac and Window version of this browser allows the installation of extensions downloaded exclusively from the Google Play Store. However, you can enable the use of external extensions when in developer mode. Besides Chromium allows third-party extensions.


Chrome follows your browsing activity.  This enables Google to gather information about your habits on the web. Chromium offers a higher level of privacy as it does not track your web browsing. So if you are looking for a Chrome alternative that respects privacy, consider the Chromium browser.

Adobe Flash Support

Although Adobe Flash has less popularity than it used to, some sites require its presence before they can perform perfectly. Chrome has native support for this software while Chromium does not. But with professional help, you can use Flash on the latter.

Chrome vs Chromium: Which is a Better Browser?

Both browsers have their benefits and since they both come from the same source code, making a choice might be hard. However, if you are Linux or advanced user or maybe you love your privacy, Chromium comes as the best option.

Chrome is an excellent option for users looking for an ideal browser for Mac or Windows. It even allows you stream music or videos smoothly and also visit sites that include Adobe Flash. You can also configure this browser easily.

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