Best Music Streaming Apps and Services (Free and Paid)

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Music streaming has experienced a tremendous growth since its inception. It has now become one of the best means for listening to music. A lot of streaming apps and services allow you to listen for free; this has helped provide music lovers with easy access to a wide of variety of music for free or sometimes at affordable rates. If you are seeking some of the best means to stream some music on your smartphone or tab, we have reviewed the top 10 best music streaming apps and services for both Android and iOS platforms. These apps and services are reviewed in no specific order.

Best Music Streaming Apps for Mobile Devices


Spotify is among the streaming platforms that boast the largest database of contents. It offers you over 40 million songs, playlists, podcasts as well as radio stations to pick from. This streaming platform has a free version for Android and iOS users, and there’s also a paid option that goes for $5 – $10 to have access to premium features and services such as ad-free experience, unlimited skips, quick access to newly released content, and lots more.


This app is also another top provider in the music streaming world, allowing you to discover new music and artists by offering suggestions on new contents, which are curated from your favourite artists) and the music that you rate. Like the above-mentioned Spotify, Pandora is also available free of charge, but with some limitations in features. To enjoy its full, advert-free services, you will need to pay will a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.


With more than 150 million free tracks, SoundCloud is a popularly used audio streaming platform. Other than the free services, it also has a paid version (SoundCloud Pro) that is useful especially for indie music creators as it offers ample tools for music creation. This service lets you create music by recording and uploading it from the app, directly. It also enables you to create individual playlists as well as share them with other SoundCloud users. You also get to enjoy remote access to any saved songs on the site, in addition to several other features.


Coming up next is iTunes — a household name in the music streaming industry. If you are a lover of any product designed by Apple, iTunes offers you the best way to integrate your music across their iOS as well as MacOS devices. Though it does not come close to some popularly used streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and so on; with respect to usability and overall features, iTunes is outstanding due to a range of unique features, including support for storage of as much as 100,000 tracks, multiroom integration using AirPlay, and Beats 1 Radio.

The app is subscription-based and will set you back by $5 monthly for students, $10 monthly for individual plans, and around $15 monthly for family plans.


Ideal for lovers of radio, Tunein gives you access to more than 120,000 global radio stations. It’s a free music streaming app that lets you listen to local radio stations anywhere you’re in the world, free of charge. Also, you are given instant access to talk shows, music, and news. Though this platform is offered to you to listen to the radio for free, access to contents such as live NFL games, live NBA games, NHL as well as live MLB events, is not free. So, you will have to subscribe to Tunein Premium service for $10 monthly for you to enjoy these premium services.

YouTube Music

A list of the top free & paid music streaming apps and services would not be complete without including YouTube Music. It is offered on web and mobile (Android and iOS), including tablet interface also. YouTube has a smart search option that helps you easily search for any songs of your choice, ratings, top-of-the-line music recommendation feature, algorithm suggesting songs for you based on the info you gave and fine-tuning them based on your listening behaviour. Also, it’s the only streaming service offering users personalized recommendation based on their location and several other unique factors.

This app is available for free but with some limitations in features. Premium service goes for $4.99 for students and as much as $17.99 for family plans.


While this service does not offer as many contents as the other music streaming platforms, it provides users with more audiophilic music and video experience. Tidal has around 50 million tracks and offers personalized recommendation as well as suggestions, seamless access to music, music videos, interviews, trendy contents on Tidal official music blog, support for Android TV, CD-quality audio, and so on.


BoomPlay is extremely popular in Africa because it comes pre-loaded on a number of Tecno and Infinix smartphone. It was developed around 3 years ago and offers a rich collection of African as well as international music content. It’s one of Africa’s leading music streaming services and provides access to unlimited contents, lets you save unlimited music & videos for offline play, and gives you an advert-free experience. It is presently available on Android OS and Web interface (with the name, Web Player).

Google Play Music

Google Play Music app offers you a variety of features, such as integration with YouTube, custom radio stations, YouTube Red, and rich collection of songs. It also lets you upload as much as 50,000 tracks. The free version has limited features. By opting for the premium plan, you can enjoy its full features for around $10 per month unlocks. Some of these premium features are offline downloads, unlimited skips, advert-free Youtube Premium with background listening, access to music and radio stations, and cloud upload of tracks.


The last but not the least, Deezer is yet another top music streaming service with over 53 million songs, podcast streaming, live radio, etc. It comes with one of the best customized as well as personalized experience that keeps you updated when you listen to music, rate & like songs, and share your favourite music with friends. It offers a lyric option for singing along as you listen to songs. Deezer has a “Flow” feature for creating a playlist in which songs selected for you by the application get saved.

That’s all about the top 10 best free and paid music streaming apps and services. What do you think about this review? Did your favourite music streaming app and service make the list?


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