Get Airtel 7GB for N2000 Now!

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Glo may have the cheapest data in the country but their network is also the slowest. It’s a new year and Airtel are putting smiles on people’s face with this new data plan, we don’t know when this will be stopped so we advise you to dust your SIM right now wherever you have kept it and subscribe to the Airtel 7GB for N2000.

To Subcribe to Airtel 7GB for N2000

Its called the REDHOT promo for a reason, so its truly red hot! Recharge your Airtel line with N2000 and dial *437*2# to activate the REDHOT promo. The plan is originally 3.5GB but you get extra 3.5GB beacuse of the promo, it has a 30 days validity period.

Airtel 7GB for N2000

Don’t say we didn’t tell you. Go subscribe now for the Airtel 7GB for N2000 promo!

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