How To View Forgotten WiFi Password On Your PC


There are sometimes we forget the WiFi password our computer is connected to. Other times people grant us access to connect our laptops to their WiFi systems by typing the passwords themselves, what they don’t know is once a laptop is connected to a WiFi it automatically saves the password. It only stops connecting automatically when the WiFi password is changed by the owner.

How To View Forgotten WiFi Password

To find the password to a connected WiFi right-click on the wireless bar at the bottom of your screen and Open Network and Sharing Centre, here you will see the current network you are connected to, click on it to view the WiFi Status.

Forgotten Wi-Fi Password


Forgotten Wi-Fi Password


Navigate to Wireless Properties then the Security tab, you can now see the Network security key in the regular black dots. Check the Show characters box to view the password.

Forgotten Wi-Fi Password


Forgotten WiFi Password


That’s it people! Got any questions? Comment below.

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