5 Best WiFi Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad

wifi scanner apps for iPhone - Fing

The importance of having a good internet connection cannot be overestimated these days. Our day to day activity involves using the internet one way or the other. One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is having to battle with internet problems.

Are you having issues with your WiFi connection? Is your router not working properly or you feel your internet connection is not fast enough?  With WiFi scanner apps for iPhone and iPad, you can easily troubleshoot and fix these problems.

Best WiFi Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad

Whatever issues you may be having with your WiFi or internet connectivity on your iPhone or iPad, the apps crafted on this list is guaranteed to help you fix your connection problems.

Fing – Network Scanner

wifi scanner apps for iPhone - Fing

Fing is one of the most download WiFi scanner apps for iPhone and iPad, it is trusted by millions of people to diagnose and fix any WiFi problems you may be having. Do you think your WiFi network has been hacked, is it slow or has someone connected to your internet one way or the other? Fing is the answer for you.

Fing is an extensive app and it has a toolbox with network intrusion detection tools, internet connectivity scanner, subnet scanner, port scanner and many other important features. With Fing you can easily scan and see whatever is wrong with your WiFi connection, the best part about this app is that it is free.

Network Analyzer Pro

wifi scanner apps for iOS

There are limits to free applications, if you want to go pro with a WiFi scanner app, it doesn’t get better than Network Analyzer Pro. The application is also very advanced and it will find out what’s wrong with your WiFi connection, internet connectivity and also diagnose all the numerous issues on remote servers because of its wide range of features.

One of its many tools is a fast WiFi discovery tool which includes all the LAN device’s addresses and names, this also comes with Bonjour/DLNA services. There are other tools such as DNS lookup, port scanner, whois, ping, traceroute and internet speed tester. The app also shows you useful information concerning your WiFi/cell connection even when you are not trying to troubleshoot for any problem. The pro version costs $4.99 but you can go for the lite version which is free.

Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest iOS

This app is slightly from all the two we have earlier listed, it only deeps with speedtest. It is a one-tap connection speedtest app which is accurate thanks to its global server network, it is also minimalistic and easy to use. This app is used by millions of people and it is trusted as their number one speedtest app.

You can easily discover your download, upload, ping and jitter. There are real-time graphs for you to monitor connection consistency. You can also test with a single connection to stimulate downloading a file or multiple connections so you understand your maximum speed. It gives you detailed reporting and lets you track past tests.

iNetTools Pro

wifi scanner apps for iPhone

If you are familiar with iNetTools, this is the Pro version which costs $5.99. It is a suite of network diagnose tools on iPhone iPad. There are essential tools such as Server Monitor, DNS Lookup, Port Scan, Whois, Ping and LAN Scan.

iNetTools Pro gives you Support Server List for frequently used serves and Support Recent Tasks for recent executed tasks. The app also has email tech support for you to troubleshoot WiFi issues. Without doubt, this app is one of the best wifi scanner apps for iPhone and iPad.

Scany – Network Scanner

wifi scanner apps for iOS - Scany

Scany is an all-in-one WiFi scanner app you can use at home, office, corporate LAN and hotspot owners. This app also works for network administrators, security specialists, developers and everyone who needs to diagnose and resolve network issues.

Scany helps you scan computers and devices connected to WiFi or LAN and it shows you their names, addresses and manufacturers. This also gives you a wide set of network analysis tools that is specially designed to transcend existing analogs, including ping, trace, DNS lookup, whois and many more.


Wrapping Up

There are always problems with internet connections, when you have you shouldn’t panic. With the help of these WiFi scanner apps for iPhone and iPad, you should be to solve the problem.

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