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fidelity bank customer care number - how to check fidelity bank account number

If you have enquiries you can either get through to Fidelity Bank Customer Care Number or use the Fidelity Bank Customer Care Live Chat. If you are a Fidelity Bank account holder, there are times when you have an issue and need to get it resolved. Fidelity Bank customer care number line is available to its customers 24/7 and they have competent agents ready to solve all customer complaints. They operate on both inbound and outbound services (inbound desk for receiving calls/chats from customers and the outbound for upselling products and services, surveys, mystery and shopping.

Problems Solved by Fidelity Bank Customer Care Number and Live Chat

  • Information on Fidelity Bank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Dormant account reactivation
  • Account reactivation
  • General Account issues
  • Cheque book request
  • Statement of account request
  • All complaints spanning across all Bank products and services.
  • Cross-sell various products and services to select customers.
  • Mystery shopping exercises on request.
  • Escalate issues unresolved on first contact to the relevant units (TSD, E-Banking, IS Control etc.)
  • Daily calls to PoS merchants to check on machine status and reasons for low usage (issues escalated to E-Banking for follow-up).

Fidelity Bank Customer Care Number Lines – 24/7 Availability

If you need to speak to Fidelity Bank customer care on phone, dial any of the numbers below. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone if your complaint is going to take some time.

  • You can reach them on 01-448-5252; you can also chat with them on WhatsApp by adding up this number – +2349030005252.

Fidelity Bank Nigeria Live Chat – 24/7 Availability

If you are the online kind of person then this option is for you. It is actually economical to contact them online instead of making calls to them.

  • If you are on Twitter, direct all complaints to their Twitter handle @fidelitybankplc.
  • On Facebook, Drop comments or message to Fidelity Bank Plc Page.
  • For email complaints, send all enquiries to

WARNING: I’ve seen people dropping complaints and posting their bank details here, this is wrong and we will not be held liable for any scam or deductions that occurs on your accounts by preying scammers. This is just a guide on how to get through to your bank’s Customer Care service. Be warned!!!

How has been your experience with Fidelity Bank Customer Care Number service and Fidelity Bank Nigeria Live Chat? Drop comments below.

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  1. What is wrong with fidelity banks, they debit me. When I don’t don’t receive the cash….. How come.

  2. Very useless
    They debited me twice without cash
    Please whoever is seeing this I need my money now because I’m stranded where I am

  3. It’s obvious ur bank is one of the dubious bank i’ve known so far. I have an error dispenser of 20,000 from stanbic atm machine on the 6th of this month which the machine fails to pay and my account was debited. I lodge the complain several times by calling your customer care line and i also visit the nearest fidelity bank to complain also, I was told the mistake was discover n will be reverse before 18th of may 2018. Up till this moment the money was not reverse. I humbly urge your highly esteem organization to reverse my money as soon as possible as i will not hesitate to go to any length since this is not the first time my money will be debited without reverse. A/c no 6019229783

  4. According to the directions given on how to transfer money which I followed, there’s no options where NUBAN Account number or setting of pin number can be filled there. So how do I go about it please?????????

  5. Dear Sir,
    Am Mr. Anyanwu Andy Nnamdi, when making transfer my account get blocked, please help and real open it for me, moreover am not in Nigeria right now, your response will be highly appreciated, while for any further details required from my side please informed, I will ensure immediately to your request,
    With Kinds Regards,
    Andy Anyanwu.

  6. I mistakenly entered a wrong password and have been locked out of my instant banking, I tried your live chat but I was unable to do anything please I want to you to do something cos I want to do urgent transaction thanks.

  7. I wanted to transfer money to my son this morning but due to the crisis in Kaduna they closed for security reasons and I tried to send through *770 the limit is hundred thousand naira only per day and try the other means of transfer that one too I have forget the user name and the password please help me out

  8. I wanted to transfer money to my son this morning but due to the crisis in Kaduna they closed for security reasons and I tried to send through *770 the limit is hundred thousand naira only per day and try the other means of transfer that one too I have forget the user name and the password please help me out

  9. I want to know maybe fidelity is scro account cos I have 1.000 in my account and I want to collect it… I just open the account and I don’t know much about them…

  10. My friend mistakly sent money to a different account number which is 6012367028 instead of 6012376028 pls am stranded here at sch

  11. Pls I got debited for airtime and has not been reversed and this is not the first time…. pls i need a reply

  12. I recharge 2000 Maura with my mobile code 770 now I can see the airtime on My phone MTN SIM… I don’t know why you people making things difficult for people sometimes

  13. I withdraw money through pos the dept me without paying me. These happens 24th December last year so since then it have not reverse back please help me thanks

  14. the number I use to register my online banking is stolen and I have change my number to new one BT I can’t transfer cos it is telling me,I have uses another number in another phone. What is fidelity problem.other banks have solve this particular problem for me except you people.if I come to your bank again.I will withdraw my money

  15. God will surely punish fidelity bank … Very stupid bank na God gor punish una for me
    Lemme nor see my reversal this time… Very dubious bank

  16. i didn’t remember my bvn again i lost it with my number i use to open my account i need it urgently i mean my bvn ..
    This is my account number: 6173204086
    Pls respond me assap

  17. I don’t have ATM, any help on how to activate mobile transfer? I have been calling customer care service for days now. When I fail 770 I was told that am blocked for the service. My account number 6171153946. Please am stranded in Abuja now due to the lock down.

  18. I wanted to transfer money from my fidelity account to using the 770 code.but it keep in showing me service provider failure.I was tinking it was network.but this has been so long na is going to one month .pls I need help

  19. Can I open a fidelity mobile app online and it will be working without a problem, also need to increase my transaction limit

  20. My money has hanged and i went to upgrade my account so i can collect my money and they told me after 48 hours i will be able to collect my money
    Now 48 hours has passed o and i can’t still collect my money why are they like did they want me and my family and to starve cause i don’t understand

  21. What is happening with fidelity bank this period ?, Always no network and service failure. What’s going on with fidelity bank please?, Fidelity bank is now annoying to everyone now. i am closing my account down i am tired of this nonsenses. i have been trying to transfer money from my fidelity account since morning till now but nothing is working at all.

  22. Always no network and this is not the first time nor second time nor third talk more of it. i am tired ooh. See what i am seeing always 3101 – an error has occurred, please try again. E105. Why ?, i am tired of this.

  23. I added money from my fidelity bank card to kuda I was debited instantly and couldn’t found the money on my kuda account I need my money back please , this is the second am facing this kind of issue

  24. Pls why did you people divide to punish me with the money in my account. Pls, that money do not belong to me and you people block it. Pls you people should kindly release it now before something will happen

  25. I was servicing a loan and have paid all over last year so why is fidelity removing my money please send my money back

  26. It’s annoying if my money has not been retifiy till now please I need you to work on it asap because you guys are not replying my text on whatapp

  27. Hi good morning I made a transfer of 20k to another Acct and I was debited but the other Acct did not receive it

  28. Hello good evening I made a transfer of 4,700 to another account they debited me since December 19 to my second account they did not credit me the money till today I can see that fidelity customer service is very poor that is why I don’t like using ur service do you want me to starve am a student who need money I even went to bank to complain they didn’t do anything about it till today this is my account number 6556494266 pls help me to find something to do about it

  29. Please what is happening since yesterday I did a transfer to GTBank account and the person hasn’t got alert and I’ve also not got the reversal payment please can someone help out thanks

  30. Pls I dont know what is wrong with fidelity bank… somepeople sent me money on my fidelity acct for some days now I have not seen it… and the money which u guys remove from my my acct I have not seen the alart even on my mobile app…pls what is wrong

  31. Please I finished paying for the loan I collected since last year but up till today you still debit me in the name of am servicing a loan stop deducting my money please

  32. I withdraw from access bank ATM and I was debited 20,000 and did get paid and it as not reversed yet my account number 6558677177 Friday precious okagnwa

  33. I lost my phone and i don’t have my account number and BVN any more….and Fidelity is far from here

  34. I used my ATM card to pay for an item, it was not successful and I was Debited. I came to Herbert maculay to laid complain. I was told to fill form n promised me dt it will be reversed but up till now nothing have bn done. Kindly do the needful

  35. please ooooo on 24th of last month a man came to withdraw from my surebanka POS machine which the transaction was failed and the print out state auto reversal successful I told the man to go and fill the dispens error form cos throughout that day no reverse back I got him customer line amd whatsapp number without good response even he called customer care in my shop that the person is telling him to go back to the POS I was like auto reversal successful how is that my own concern I chatted my aggregator he’s even tired of my complain cos wen the printout says auto-reverse successful or failed my customer we call their bank or go to bank and got their money back with 5-7 days but this particular fidelity bank is giving me headache I no understand. I just want to beg u sir/ma please help me look into it. account number is 6051981005 account name is Samuel nkem akumefula.

  36. I seek for a refund the airtime recharge, which i was debited, but did not receive any reward, the transaction was done twice and was also debited twice, this was on Tuesday 11th October 2022

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