You Can Now Follow Hashtags on Instagram; See How

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If you are a digital person maybe you must have thought about how to follow hashtags on Instagram or Twitter; hashtags or let’s say relevant hashtags is a great way users share their interest, passion hobbies or anything notable with other people who share similar interest, passion and hobbies. Instagram has released one of its major updates which will change the face of the digital ecosystem with people now able to follow and unfollow hashtags.

How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram; Unfollow Hashtags

Millions of posts be it photos or videos are shared daily on Instagram and people share with relevant hashtags to make these posts more discoverable by people who share similar interest. Some popular hashtags on Instagram include #mondaymotivation for motivational posts on Mondays, #foodoftheday to see awesome food photos, #todaysoutfit to see beautiful outfits by people and lots more hashtags.

  • Go to the Search menu on Instagram and search for any topic you are interested in. You can also search for known hashtags or tap on a hashtag from any post you want.
  • In the search results, relevant hashtags will be displayed alongside related accounts.
  • When you finally see the particular hashtag you want to be tracking, click on the follow button as displayed in the image below.

how to follow hashtags on instagram

  • Henceforth, top posts from the hashtag will start appearing in your Instagram feed as well as latest stories in the stories bar.

Just like when people follow each other, you can go to a user’s profile and see the hashtags a user is following as shown below.

how to follow hashtags on instagram

If a user’s account is set on private, you won’t be able to see the hashtag the user is following. Privacy settings are still respected for hashtag follows. Users can also unfollow a hashtag at any time.

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