Best and Top Funny Group Chat Names

funny group chat names

With the rise of social messaging apps, group chats have become popular. These groups allow friends to keep in touch which each other. With group chats, you can plan your weekend hangouts and even share much news with your pals.

You can create groups on various apps such as Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You also need to give your group an ideal name to for easy identification.

Before you choose a group name, you need to consider the purpose of your group and what activities you all enjoy. However, if you can’t come with any name, we have got you covered.

Below are names for groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, and any other social media channel.

Funny Friends’ Group Chat Names

Friends take away our loneliness and help us create beautiful memories. Hence the need to have a name that’s funny and interesting.

  • Hopeless Group
  • Useless Group
  • Protectors of Superman
  • Game of Phones
  • Silence Isn’t Golden Here
  • We Talk A Lot
  • Maniac Messengers
  • Den of Gossipers
  • Happy Good Times
  • The Bluffmasters
  • #$$holes
  • Area 51
  • The Action Jacksons
  • The Round Pegs in Square Holes
  • The Geek Bank — Do you have an account?
  • The Nerd Herd
  • Fraandship
  • Brainless Friends
  • Unknown Friends
  • Make new friends
  • Silver and gold but still bronze like

Funny Family Group Chat Names

Next are some names for your chat group which has your family members as participants. These are names show the exciting and fun-loving part of your family.

  • The Family
  • Twisted sisters and Twisted Sister
  • Full House
  • Peanut Family
  • Family Ties
  • Devil’s Home
  • Mad House
  • ABC Family
  • Modern Family
  • Irritating Family but I Still Love
  • World of Cousins
  • Cousin Love
  • Cursing Cousins
  • Colonial Cousins
  • Curious Cousins
  • Cousins Indeed
  • What’s Up Cuz?
  • Colony of Cousins
  • Colony of ants

Lady Group Chat Names

Apart from girls, older women also have groups where they share experiences, ideas and news. Here are some suitable names you can you use to identify your group on social media.

  • Gossip Geese
  • Heart Catchers
  • The Now Married
  • Queens Lounge
  • Focus Fairies
  • Ladies WhatsApp group
  • Don’t underestimate us
  • Silence is our enemy
  • Hungry For Shopping
  • Blank Head
  • The Public Square
  • Open Book
  • Beautiful Dummy
  • Little Angels
  • Gossips launch
  • Beauty in Grace
  • Gossip Geese
  • Heart Catchers
  • The Now Married
  • Queens Lounge
  • Focus Fairies
  • Ladies WhatsApp group
  • Don’t underestimate us
  • Silence is our enemy
  • Hungry For Shopping
  • Blank Head
  • The Public Square
  • Open Book
  • Beautiful Dummy
  • Little Angeles
  • Gossips launch
  • Beauty in Grace
  • Just Bold Ladies
  • Whatsapp single girls
  • WOW – Women of Wisdom
  • Facebook Gossip Queens
  • Ladies WhatsApp group
  • DnD -Don’t negotiate Don’t
  • Silence is our enemy
  • The Public Square
  • Little Angeles
  • Close Book
  • The Queen Bees
  • Heart Catchers

Funny Group Chat Names for Guys

Here are some funny names for chat groups that focus on the world of guys, their hobbies and interests.
 Knock, knock! Who’s there? “THE OTHER PILOT, NOW LET ME IN!”
 The Stepdads
*. The Salty Pretzels
*. The Meme Team
*. Game of Throws
*. The Mullet Mafia
*. Team Double Dips
*. Bed Bath and Beyoncé
*. The Rural Jurors
*. Not Last Place.
*. A Team with No Name
*. Injured Reserve
*. Abusement Park
*. Purple Cobras
*. Vandelay Industries
*. Walmart Greeters

Funny Group Chat Names for Girls

Do you plan to create a group where ladies can exchange ideas and have fun? You can choose any of the suggestions below:

 College Mistakes Crazy WomenThe Panties of Bravery We float our boatThe Cream Team Girly cover-up agents Cool BoysNo GirlsWe All Are Still Young We love ourselves but…Only girls really?How does this affect our marital statusSmile While You Can All Us Single LadiesSingle ladies The Now Married Real Housewives of the Internet. We Are Unique

Group Chat Names List

Below are some excellent group names for various purposes. You can use on multiple social media platforms.

The Chamber of Secrets Boring ClassesNinjasThe Talent PoolThe FoodiesGossip Geese Chunky Monkeys All Us Single Ladies Single ladies Facebook Dancers Bingo Wives Spicy Republicans Crap Collectors Powerpuff GirlsBlossom = fearless leader Bubbles = joy, and laughter Buttercup = toughest fighterThe Insomniacs So-Called EngineersDrama ClubWe Are Hulks

Funny Girl Team Name

Maybe you are looking for a name that will fit a group of ladies working or competing at a sports event. Here are some funny girl team names.

Hungry For Shopping
Blank Head
 Queens Lounge
Wedding Planner
Beauty Queens
Talk Day Long
Silence is our enemy
Gang Of Girls
Non-Stop Shoppers
Silence is our enemy
Grown Up Girls
16 Forever OR 18 Forever
Non-Stop Chatter
Lovely Ladies
 Girls Like None
 Girls of the Galaxy
Hot Shots
Fire Ants

Funny Team Names

Apart from chat groups, you might also need some names for your work team or e-sports team. The titles include:

Furious George
Easier Said Than Run
The Heebee Jeebees
Brokebat Mountain
 Happy Feet
Hell on Heels
Life’s A Pitch
 I Love Bad Pitches
 Madams of Mayhem
11 Angry Men
 The Talent Pool
The Mighty Morphin’ Flower Arrangers
Class on Grass
Skilli Vanilli
 We Who Shall Not Be Named
 Sweep the Leg
 And in First Place
 Pigs Fly
 Heart & Sole
In it for the Swag
Go Getters
Tequila Mockingbird
After Shockers
South Korea gots Seoul
Squirrel-Proofing the Birdfeeder
Bruce Willis Was Dead The Whole Time
Prawn Stars
We will destroy you and burn your village.
Team Team.
The Caboose (we come in last)

Cool team names

If your team or group is all about bringing trendy and hip, you will need cool names as the ones we have below.

Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies
Straight off the Couch
Cereal Killers
Podunk Hopscotch Mafia
Bad Intentions
Boom Shaka Laka
Chicks With Kicks
Not Fast, Just Furious
The Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers
Super Heroes In Training
Agony of De Feet
Run Like the Winded
Smells Like Team Spirit
The Has-Beens and Never Were
Victorious Secret
Speed Banks
Bye Week
Slumdog Slingers
No Game Scheduled
Forgot to Warm-up
Our Uniforms Match
Baby Got Track
Straight Cash Homie
Pavement Princesses
Game of Drones
Dangerous Dynamos
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Your Humble League Champ
East of the Equator
Scrambled Legs

Funny Group Chat Names for Facebook

Are you looking for a funny name for your chat group on Facebook Messenger? Well, you have a huge selection of funny Facebook group chat names below.

Lebowski’s ‘Lil Urban Achievers
Jalapeno Hotties
 The Flaming Flamingos

Redheaded Stepchildren
LOne Hit Wonders.
Our Nemesis
The Silly Sea Monkeys
 Ninja Nomads
The Flaming Marshmallows
Axis of No Talent
Smooth Operators
Where no ability meets no effort
Straight Trash Homie
Cold Cuts and Mayo
Sweet Sassy Molassy
A Team Has No Name
The Startled Koalas
Charlie Angel
No Child Left Behind
Tenacious Turtles
Village Idiots

Dumbledore’s Army

Good Team Names

Are you looking for some general team names that will make your that will impress your members? Here are some exmaples:

The Silly Squids
The Curse
Gray Panthers
The Real Patriots
The Scuba
The Fat Pirates
Polar Bears
 Prairie Wolves
Sons of Preacher Men

Good Group Chat Names

Apart from the topics discussed during a group chat, a good group name can attract the interest of new members. Here are some suggestions which you can choose from.

Unbeatable and un-presentable
America’s Best Chance
El Lobo Solo
Hungry Wolves
The Wolf Pack
Back Street Girls
Jennies on the Block
No Sympathy
Tommy G. and the Prodigies
Sole Survivors
The Prophets
Olympic Pool Lifeguards
I am Smarticus
Team Rudundant Team
Bud Power
 Pocket Hercules
Tardy Termites
Fire-eating Fungi
 Stingy D
Offensive Odors
The Wanderers
The Shoe
 No Turning Back
 Land Sharks
The Furious Watermelons
Three Amigos and some other folks
The Pensive Gangsters
 Can’t Stop the Hip-Hop
The Ninja Newcomer
The Showtime Shoguns.
Wounded Warriors
Bodies by Dad
The Relaxing Rhinos

Total Eclipse of the Heart
The Glue
10 hearts, 1 beat
The Stair Walkers
20 Minute Brownies
Robo Squad
Double Vision
 Elite Cleats
Rocky Road Riders
Downtown Divas
The Coffee Chips
With Fire
Ocean Tide Terrors
 Boom Goes the Dynamite
The Swashbuckling Swamis
No Chance
 No Tears, No Fears
Creepy Crawlers
We’re just drafting now

Creative Group Names

If you are in the creative or design industry, here are some proper names that will fit your chat group.

 Dolls With Balls
Fly Girls
Pony Tails
Red Hots
Marvelous Mermaids
Disco Divas
 Electric Currents
Howling Hyenas
Pink Ladies
Charming Chicks
 Lovable Ladies
 Poison Ivy
Chicks with Sticks
Mavens of Mayhems
 Hot Flash
 Lemon Drops
 We wear pink, but we don’t stink
 Sultans of Swing
 Velvet Elvis
Hoops I did it again
 Dessert Storm
 Sole Survivors
 The Cow Tippers
 Moose Crossing
 Gym, Tan, Laundry
 Dream Killers
Bob Uecker’s Fan Club
 Dazed and Confused
 We overslept
 99 Problems
 The New Crew
 The Might Morphin Flower Arrangers
Atomic Bimbos

Cool Group Chat Names

Here are some cool group chat names you can use on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

*. The Waiver Wire
*. Rock star Lifestyle
*. That Better Team
*. Recreational Hazard
*. Don’t Stop Believing
*. Van-delay Industries
*. We Got the Runs
*. Backhanded Compliments
*. Son of Pitch
*. Menace to Sobriety
*. The Big Egos
*. The Human Targets
*. Fargo Woodchippers
*. The Has-Beens
*. Between a Walk and a Hard Pace
*. Ibuprofen and Ben Gay
*. Honey Badgers
*. Holly Rollers
*. Awkward Armadillos
*. The Bus Drivers
*. Chafing the Dream
*. Magnificent Maniacs
*. We Talk A Lot
*. Netflix and Chill
*. Gangs of New Pork
*. Chunky Monkees
*. Mad Cow Disease
*. Civil Disobedient
*. The Drifters
*. Fighting Mongooses
*. The Abusement Park
*. Peruvian Boot Weasels

Unique Chat Group Names List

Here are other names you can use for any chat group or team.

 We’re too old for thisWeekend WarriorsThe Cranium Crushers Cruise. Last Picks Spinal TappersLlamas Pajamas Awkward Turtles Melba ToastNight Train RidersThe SuperlativesThe Bomb Squad Y-Nots! Disco NinjasCheeseheads for PeaceIt’s not just a team; it’s a lifestyleShake it upDominators The Mullet Mafia

Funny Group Chat Names for Snapchat

Are you an admin of any of the  Snapchat groups? Well here are some names that will make your members smile.

Mad Thrashers
The Pace Makers
Not Fast But Furious
Attack of the Invisible Ninja
 Running On Empty
Corporate Punishment
Club Win
Big Dudes Scared Shoes
Fifty Shades of Awesome.
Hustle & Flo
Game of Throw Ins
Beer Pressure
Game of Throws
It’s Always Run
Jokers Wild
Twisted Blisters
 The Skeptics
The Last Place Lollipops
 Mental Toss Flycoons
 The Baha Badboys
 The Real Replacements.
 Shocked the Cynics
The “B” Squad
Wonder Women
 Young Tarts and Old Farts
 Goal Diggers
Defending Champs
 Ferocious Killers
 Smooth Operators
 Fear the Fearless
 Land Sharks
Shooting Stars
Tropical Storm

Best Group Chat Names

In case, you are looking for a tag that will make your group stand out on your phone display, you can choose any of the following.

Bye Week
Raspberry Berets
The Flaming Flamingos
Battling Mongooses
The Best Team
Columbian Boot Weasels
 Real Honey Badgers
 Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Mad Cows
Great Balls of Fire
Awkward Turtles
 Amazing Armadillos
 Silly Squids
Chuck Norris Offspring
 Pokemon Rescue Squad
Donkey Kong Killers
The Splendid Pineapples.
 E = MC Hammer
Lonesome Cowboys
 Red Riders
 Lemonade Makers
 Corduroy Cowbells.
Blind Assassins
 Trampling Elephants
 The Lone Rangers
 Too Fat for Uniforms.
 Awesome Blossoms.
Dead-eye Daisies.
 12 Angry Men
 Feisty Females
 Revenging Angels.
 Mohawks without Barbers.
Hoodlums and Saints.
 Sammy and the Secret Agents.
In Style.
Fragile Force.

Funny group chat names Reddit

Below are some names for Reddit chat groups that will make you laugh.

Wheaties Box Rejects
Never Saw Sports Center
Snack Attack

Keep Calm and Nothing ElseWe own Chuck Norris’ Squad Your Pace or Mine? Too Stupid to Quit 2 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit Blood, Sweat, and BeersWhiskey BusinessOverconfidentWe thought they said “rum.”Nuclear TumbleweedsKnights at the BuffetLast Place Champions No one said it would be easyBenchwarmers UnitedSweat, Regret and Oxygen Debt PredatorsPridePrivateers Profs Penguins PharaohsPhoenixPink DragonsPink PandasOrioles

Work Group Chat Names

Some offices have chat groups on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. If you are about to create one, pick any of the names that will suit your job description.

 Hellacious Hackers
 Razzle Dazzle
The Fast and the Curious
Geeks and Freaks
 Financial Wizards
The Digital Divas
 Masters of Mayhem
 P&L Ponies
 The Credit Crush
 The Terrible Tycoons
 Math Mavericks
 Number Cruncher
The Red Rainmakers
The Brain Trust
 Vision quest
Executive Authority
Sales R Us
Funny Fliers
Software Comedians
 The Brainy Fools
 Plugs for a Penny
 Dynamic Developers
Cubicle Comics
 The Kiss-Ups
 Must Have Caffeine
 Black Ice Blazers
Deep Bench
 Fans of the Boss- Comic Fanatics
 Worthless Without Coffee
The Brainiacs
The Right Writers
Hold the Mayo.

Funny Business Group Name

The following tags are ideal for chat groups or teams in the office.

Who’s the Boss?
 Mr. Manager and the Rainmakers
Business as Unusual
 Appetite for Analytics
 Compensation Nation
 Tax-manian Devils
 Fly like a Beagle
 Bossy Pants
Labor Force of Nature
 Deficit Demolition Team
 Overnight Sensations
 Miracle Workers
Road Warriors
The Data Dirt Devils
 Marketing Maniacs
Mr. Big Stuff and Staff
Barely Managing
 Sultans of Sales
Follow the Leader

Funny Sports Teams Names

Are you and your friends in an e-sports team but you do not know what to call it? Here are some ideas that will inspire you.

 Matching T-shirts
 The Grass Stains
Saved by the Ball
 Gym Class Heroes
 Caveman Lawyers
 The Hurt Locker Room
 Bye week
 No game scheduled
 Attack of the Killer Daisies
 Orange Dots
 Hat Trick Swayze
 Paper or Plastic?
 A League of Our Own
 Bottom of the Depth Chart
 That’s so Ravenclaw
 All Swedish, No Finnish
 Mr. Irrelevant

Third Degree Burn
 Miracle Whipped
 Tony’s Tigers

 Cool Name Pending We Match Ball HogzAfter School Specials Yahooligans! Ball of DutyMonstars.The Kickin’ ChickensThe Untouchables Fire Breathing Bluebirds Tequila Mockingbirds. That’s so Ravenclaw Mr. Irrelevant. Third Degree BurnMiracle Whipped Tony’s Tigers Cool Name Pending. We Match

 Ball Hogz
 After School Specials
 Ball of Duty
 The Kickin’ Chickens
 The Untouchables
 Fire Breathing Bluebirds
 Tequila Mockingbirds.

Funny WhatsApp Group Chat Names

Here are some names you can use on the messaging app Whatsapp. You can use any of the titles below but ensure that they fit the purpose and activity of your group.

Online HangoverNo Spamming — Also, no SPAM. It’s not real meat.404! Group Name Does Not Exist Winners, Clever and Foolish Searching for Group Name — For those who are searching.What’s in a Name? Three Idiots Company’s of idiotic symbolThe So and SoEtc Etc Etc Dumbest GroupSmartest group Davis Farts Stupidity of Susan Local Losers Green Gang Colors likes of fart Doctors where? Charlie’s AngelsHelena’s WhoresOur zip is zippedWe can talk the whole day without taking a breakWe hate articles.Don’t Join — PleaseBlondes Have More RunDashing DivasGet ‘er RunQuads of Fury Cereal KillersThe Greasy MulletsUmp YoursWeapons of Mass Destruction. Chicken Noodle HoopABCDE FC Mr. YukPhoenix SprawlThe Young and the Rest of UsThe Grand SlamsHops ScotchThe Miracle WorkersNerd HerdClockwork Orange What’s in a Name?Dyslexia Untied 2Good4UAre We There Yet? Alcoholics Unanimous The Queen Bees Grub ClubJalapeno HottiesGangnam Style Lost and FoundYager Bombers Outside the AsylumThe Walkie Talkies Rockstars United The Soul GangstersOut of EligibilityUnreal Madrid

Funny Group Names List

Is your group created for people who love comedy and jokes? Below are some names that will crack their ribs.

Trash Recycle Don’t Check Ours Please, go and Create Your Group Free Birds Free Wi-FiLife SuckersBin of lions and dogsLife Savers Logo name “Good breath.”Don’t dare; we’ll run24 Hours24 hours Drama24 × 7 Shows Drunkards going to shrine Precious Time Wasters No SmokingLife is a PoopAssjackeryNostril Lane No nameBreakers and spoilersWe gossip, pleaseNo jokesNothing to offer, come hereWe have no secret but a cupboard of them Don’t care, but we like you

Punny Group Chat Names

If you love a good pun, you can choose one or more of the group names to describe you and your squad’s interests.

The Herd
 We Who Shall Not Be Named
 Turtley Awesome
 Koalaty Friends
 Let’s Taco ‘Bout It
 Mermaid To Be Friends Forever
 Grapeful For Our Friendship
 Friendship Goes Onion On
 Lettuce Be Friends
Orange Your Glad We’re Friends

Hello Gourdgeous
 Grape Pear
Kind Of A Big Dill
A Pizza My Heart
 Butter Half
The Three Eggmigos
Love You Berry Much
Hap-bee Together

Thanks For Pudding Up With Me FineapplesLike A Waffle Lot Swan Goals Peachy Queens Watts UpSouper FriendsSew Glad, We’re Friends Teariffic Friends Love So MatchaCerealsly The BestPawsome FriendsLove A Latte Lava My FriendsFintastic CrewKetchup With FriendsRelish These MomentsBeast FriendsMugnificent Crew

Olive My Friends
 Toadally Awesome
Gouda Friends
 Oh Ship, My Friends
Grate Friends
 Purrfect Friends
 Otterly Awesome Friends
 My Best Teas
Wheely Good Friends
Dino-Mite Crew

Squad Ghouls

Eggcellent Squad
My Sistars
Meow Friends
Cool Chicks
Rawrsome Squad
 Flantastic Friends
 Flocking Fabulous
My Best Buds
Aloha Beaches
Float My Boat

Octopi My Heart
Love Like No Otter
Love From My Head Tomatoes
Blooming Good Time
Mermaid To Be Besties
 Some Bunnies
Shady Beaches
Making Pour Decisions

Hakuna Moscato
 Love A Brunch
Main Squeezes
Turn Down For Brunch
Donut Worry
Snape Chat
Rosé All Day
My Spuds
 Taters Gonna Tate
Pawsitive Vibes
Unicorny Friends

 Totally My Jam
 The PB To My J
One In A Melon
Feline Good Crew
Sweet Potatoes
Pho Real Friends
Best Witches
Kitten Around
O-Fishally Best Friends
 Howl You Doin’
Support Bras
Donut Know What I’d Do Without
The Cheese To My Macaroni
Best Fries Forever
Aloe My Besties
 I Love My Friends So Mochi
Shrimply The Best
The Cherry Best
Hedge Hugs

This brings us to the end of our article. You can use any of the names provided they fit the goals and interests of your group. But if you haven’t found an interesting tag, you can use a group chat name generator such as This site has a massive library of names that will suit any group.

If you have any other name ideas, feel free to comment in the box below.


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