Rumored new itel A-series device is set to feature in-screen fingerprint

new itel a-series in-screen fingerprint

If rumours are to be believed, new itel A-series device will be coming with a first of its kind in-screen fingerprint scanner. The talk of security on tech devices has recently been steadily gaining momentum of recent like never before. It has become a major talking point and a dire need for consumers all around the world. It has almost become like an inevitable wait for the day your device ends up in hands of an unauthorized individual whom would have access to all vital files and information stored on the device.

One begins to wonder when devices would come with an inbuilt feature that would not only checkmate this prevalent issue but would also come with a heightened ease of access to use the feature. Well, what do you know? Our prayers might seem to have to been answered as leak says Africa’s leading Mobile giant, itel A-series will be adding a new device which will feature an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

new itel a-series in-screen fingerprint

The fingerprint scanner is reported to be far better than the usual security setup found a tech device. It is said to be positioned in-screen that adequately fits your thumb plus it’s located at a preferred distance between the user and the device. It also said to possesses a fast rate of thumb recognition and an extra lock feature for when an unauthorised individual tries to unlock the device.

new itel a-series phone leak

I bet you can already imagine the extent of efficiency of this device. It already sounds like a must-have tech device. It is also reported to be coming with the latest Android O.S, an impressive screen outlook, a set of optimum processors and a long-lasting battery.

While there is no way to validate if this information is true or not, while we wait for an official launch, release or statement from itel Mobile, we can only hope that some of these claims circulating online have some truth to them. It would be yet another brilliant effort from itel to ensure they cement their place as one of Africa’s top-selling phone company as they continually look to create pocket-friendly devices that not only give you value for money but also gifts you the perfect user experience.

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