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Gaming has taken over the globe. Whether you buy a Nintendo Switch using Afterpay, play on your smartphone, or just use a beat-up retro console, find ways to optimize your playing experience. Check out these simple tips to make your gaming absolutely rock! You will be glad you did.

Expand Storage Space

Maximize your gaming by expanding your storage space. With so many cool games coming out like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Super Mario Maker 2, Rage 2, and the Mario Cart bundle, you need space. The Nintendo Switch comes with 32 GB of storage. Add more storage with a microSD card. Expand your PC, Playstation, or smartphone storage.

Invest in a Gaming Chair

Seriously, invest in a quality ergonomic gaming chair. These can run from seventy to over two hundred dollars. The best gaming chairs will have an ergonomic backrest, seat height adjustments, and reclining capabilities. The chair should have armrests and be made from quality materials, complete with comfortable headrest and thick padding for the lower back. You can also check an excellent gaming chair article here.

Gaming Headset

Every multiplayer gamer needs a headset. A premier headset helps you communicate strategy with fellow teammates. Some top contenders for gamers include the Sony PlayStation Gold headset, Microsoft’s Xbox One headset, and the Kingston HyperXheadset. You want comfortable headphones that give you the maximum sound experience and ultimate comfort. Look for noise-cancelling headphones and ear cups with volume controls.

Energy Saving Mode

Cut back on electric bills and lengthen the life of your console by engaging energy saving mode. This will let your console “rest”, saving significant amounts of energy. Rest mode allows for continued downloads while also saving power. Disable the Xbox Kinect to save additional electricity.

Extra Controllers

Stock up on extra controllers. Use them with your friends when they come over to play or as a spare set if you want to do an all-night gaming session. A controller recharger unit with a controller that has a built-in rechargeable battery will ensure that you will always have power when you game.

Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 Controller

MadCatz has developed an authentic Japanese-style controller that lets you play old-school. These arcade like joysticks are customizable and let the gamer enjoy some old-fashioned gameplay. Another mod-capable controller with precision buttons and stick is the Atrox Arcade Stick Gaming Controller for the Xbox One.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

If you get tired of writing messages using your controller, opt for a mini-Bluetooth keyboard. It’s especially great for those who also send messages and do their Internet browsing with a controller. Fortunately, both PS4 and Xbox One have apps for gaming.

WebCam and Mic Stand

Many gamers love to share their video streams with friends. In fact, some gamers make an entire living off of streaming. Invest in a webcam and a Mic Stand. Pair these with a mic for the ultimate success on Twitch and YouTube. Get these great upgrades and more to enhance your gaming experience.

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