Airtel Customer Service Now Live On WhatsApp

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Barely 3 weeks ago, telecommunication giants MTN, launched their WhatsApp Customer Care service, a good innovation aimed at bridging the gap between them and their customers. Airtel Nigeria too has followed suit, in a recent update released by the company:


“We are LIVE on WhatsApp. This platform is designed to provide fast and reliable customer service ON THE GO. Kindly add 07010000116,07010000117,07010000118,07010000119 & 07012631111 as a WhatsApp contact.
We’ve got you covered”


Customers cannot only relate with them via the customer care centre number by placing a call through but now also with the popular chat messenger application, WhatsApp.


If you missed out on the MTN update I will be dropping the customer care numbers below:




Make sure to save the numbers and start chatting with your network of choice on-the-go. Please remember, the guys handling these accounts are humans not computers, they will be getting many complaints every day from customers and the response to your problem might not be swift.

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