YouTube Will Let Audiences Provide More Informational Context on Videos


YouTube is experimenting with a new feature called notes that allows audiences to add “relevant, timely, and easy-to-understand context” to videos. With notes, people can add more context to videos to clarify that it is a parody, or an old video being shared as new. The feature builds on the existing one the company has that lets creators label AI-generated content.

YouTube says notes is currently being tested among a “limited number of eligible creators” who got an email invitation or a notification in Creator Studio. The feature is only available on mobile in the U.S. for now and in English only. YouTube Notes is similar to X’s Community Notes which lets eligible users add more context to posts that might be misleading.

An illustration of YouTube Notes

Since Notes is a new feature, there will be mistakes and some will not be a good fit for some videos. YouTube says viewers, participants and creators will be able to provide feedback so the feature can be improved. Third-party evaluators will help rate the usefulness of notes that which YouTube will use to train its systems. In the coming weeks and months, U.S. viewers will start seeing notes publicly under videos and people will be asked if they think a note is “helpful,” “somewhat helpful,” or “unhelpful” and the reason.

As part of the process to improve notes, YouTube will use its bridging-based algorithm that helps in determining if a note helpful to a wide group of audience. “If many people who have rated notes differently in the past now rate the same note as helpful, then our system is more likely to show that note under a video,” the company shared in a blog post.These systems will continuously improve as more notes are written and rated across a broad range of topics.”

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