YouTube Will Finally Let Creators A/B Test Thumbnails


YouTube is finally opening up its “Thumbnail Test & Compare” feature to all creators. The feature was first announced last June but was only available to a few hundred creators. With Test & Compare, creators can test up to three thumbnails for a video to see which one performs best.

To be eligible for Test & Compare, creators need to have advanced features enabled under settings in YouTube Studio. According to a community post from Meaghan – YouTube Team, all uploaded thumbnails will be shown evenly to video viewers and then the winning thumbnail will be automatically selected based on the one that generates the most watch timeshare.

It may take a few days or up to two weeks to get finalized test results from your thumbnails, Meaghan explained. “Often even after two weeks of testing, you may still not get a “Winner” test result. The amount of time it takes to get test results is affected by a variety of factors including the amount of impressions your videos get and how different your thumbnails are. If a test is in progress, you will see a “Running” status.”

Regardless of the outcome of the thumbnail A/B test, users will still be able to select whichever thumbnail they prefer manually. One of the earliest beneficiaries of the feature is MrBeast, who has the most subscribed channel on YouTube. In September, Beast shared results from his thumbnail A/B tests claiming that his watch time went up on every video after having his mouth closed in thumbnails.

Test & Compare is rolling out to all creators with access to advanced features “over the coming weeks.”

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