YouTube Announces Top Trending Videos of 2018 in Nigeria

YouTube top trending videos of 2018 in nigeria - op Trending Videos of 2018 on YouTube

Wow, How time flies! Seems like yesterday we shouted “Happy New Year, 2018”, and now, it’s only a matter of time and a number of days before we enter 2019. If you’ve had a great year so far, congratulations! If the year hasn’t been good to you, 2019 is around the corner.

YouTube recently unveiled the top trending videos of 2018 in Nigeria and it’s no surprise to see some videos on this list.

One of the major events to happen this year in Nigeria was the Big Brother Nigeria 2018. Aired on DSTV and on GOtv, the event trended across social media and was the only talked about the topic online for the entire duration of the reality show.

Another craze that took Nigeria by storm was the “ShoMo Age Mi” trend. “Do You Know My Age?” A crazy but very amusing trend which became the pioneer’s way to fame. It normally involves 2 or more people having a quarrel, all of sudden, one stands up and tells the other “Sho Mo Age Mi Ni”. The quarrel gets heated up and the two parties or group of people eventually laugh it off. Celebrities jumped on this trend and brand also leveraged on it via social media.

Teen prodigy, Emmanuella continues to take the world by storm with her comedy skits and her videos dominate this list with many other BBNaija 2018 videos.

Top Trending Videos of 2018 in Nigeria on YouTube

Listed below according to YouTube are the top videos that defined YouTube in Nigeria in 2018:

  1. WHO DIED (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 147)
  2. Big Brother Double Wahala Day 20: Girls just wanna have fun
  3. I go Dye and Buhari Again
  4. Big Brother Double Wahala Finale: Miracle wins BBNaija
  5. SHO MO AGE MI? (Do you know my age?)
  6. Big Brother Double Wahala Day 13: Falling into You
  7. Yawa!!! (MCKTOONS)
  9. A DEAL (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 171)
  10. A DEAL(Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 171) 2

See the full Playlist below:

Bear in mind, this is not a list of the videos with the most views in Nigeria in 2018, they were just the videos that trended the most on YouTube in 2018. Nevertheless, some of the videos in this list may also be found on the most watched videos in 2018. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments section.

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