YouTube Premium App on Android and iOS Adds Listening Controls


YouTube has added a new “Listening controls” tab to its app on Android and iOS for Premium subscribers, 9to5Google reports. YouTube began testing the feature in May but it has now been widely rolled out for all videos.

When Premium subscribers are watching a music video on YouTube, a prompt to launch Listening controls come up on the screen. It can be launched directly from the screen or from the player menu between the “Playback speed” and “Watch in VR” buttons. The new Listening controls replace everything in the menu that appears when a video is playing. Play/pause, next/previous, and 10-second rewind/forward are the main buttons. Users also have the option to like (with count), save to playlist (holding down lets you select), and control playback speed. The title of the video playing and the channel name is on top of the listening controls tab and the entire tab can be closed from the top-right corner.

listening controls youtube premium
image: 9to5Google

Listening controls appear on subsequent videos you watch from the home screen or the ones from search once you activate it. The addition of the feature could be timely as YouTube is said to be working on adding podcasts to its platform.

The feature is available to all Premium subscribers on iOS and Android in the US.

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