YouTube is Making it Easier to See the Like and Subscribe Buttons More than Ever


Every YouTube creator wants viewers to like their videos and subscribe to their channel, as these factors are important to their growth on the platform. “Like and Subscribe” are familiar words that viewers are used to hearing on the platform. To bring “more life” to the video-watching experience, YouTube says it will now display a visual cue on the like and subscribe buttons, whenever creators mention them.

The visual cue on the like and subscribe buttons means viewers will be alerted and there is a higher chance of them hitting that like or subscribe button. “And once fans smash that button, a subtle explosion of playful sparkles will reward them,” YouTube shared in a blog announcement. Saying the words “like and subscribe” more often may be tempting for some creators, but a YouTube spokesperson told The Verge that these visual cues will be controlled. To prevent creators from spamming the feature, YouTube says “either animation will only trigger three times per video, and they won’t appear more than once in a three-minute window.”

When a new video is uploaded, YouTube says it will display a new animation that updates like and view count in real time for the first 24 hours. There are a host of other new features coming to YouTube, including a “stable volume” that will be turned on automatically to “reduce jarring differences in volume,” a press and hold feature to bump playback speed to 2x, bigger preview thumbnails, and many more.

YouTube says these updates will be rolling out gradually to users all over the world in the “coming weeks.” You can find out more about them here.

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