YouTube’s New ‘Checks’ will Automatically Screen Your Videos for Copyright Claims before they are Published

youtube checks

In order to combat copyright issues and video ad suitability problems for creators, YouTube is rolling out a new feature on Studio on desktop called Checks. When uploading videos, Checks will automatically screen them for potential copyright claims which may also affect the monetization suitability of the video.

Before the introduction of Checks, YouTube creators had to use their knowledge and instinct when uploading videos to avoid copyrighted contents. After a video has been uploaded and it contains copyrighted content, the creator could have the video removed completely or the owner of the copyrighted material can claim part of the ad revenue. Such videos will have yellow or red Dollar signs in monetization which means ad serving is limited or they cannot be monetized at all.

Creators have sometimes been in trouble by unknowingly uploading copyrighted contents which may attract severe penalties such as their channel being deleted. YouTube wants creators to avoid this with the introduction of Checks.

YouTube says copyright checks in Studio will take a maximum of three minutes but monetization checks could take longer. If a copyright claim is found after checks is completed, that makes it easier for the creator to fix the problem before the video is published. A “See details” tab will be shown telling the creator what part of the video is affected and how it affects the ad suitability.

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