You Can Now Transfer Your WhatsApp Chat History Seamlessly


It is now easier to transfer WhatsApp chat history between devices that run the same operating system. The Meta-owned company on Friday announced a new that lets users transfer an entire chat history by scanning a QR. The feature does not require a cloud backup but only a Wi-Fi connection.

Unlike before, when users had to download the chat history backup they have on iCloud or Google Drive to a new device, they now just need to bring the two devices together and use the new one to scan a QR code on the old one to initiate a quick chat history transfer. The new feature works with Android to Android or iOS to iOS. The feature is available in WhatsApp under Settings > Chats > Chat transfer. The company says, “data is only shared between your two devices, and is fully encrypted during transfer.”

The process of transferring chat history between devices with different operating systems is slightly long and different. WhatsApp’s FAQ page details how to transfer from Android to iPhone and from iPhone to Android.

WhatsApp says the update is out, which means it is rolling out to all users globally.

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