You Can Now Edit Your Instagram DMs

edit instagram dms

Instagram will finally let you edit your DMs up to 15 minutes after sending. The only available option after making a typo or sending an awkward message was to unsend, now there is a 15-minute window to make an edit after sending a message.

To edit a sent DM, all you have to do is press and hold on it, to bring out the “edit” option from the dropdown menu. Editing is not the only new feature available on Instagram, soon, you will be able to pin up to three group or 1:1 chats in the DMs section. To pin a chat, go to the chat without opening it, swipe to the left or tap and hold to bring out the “pin” option.

This feature has been long overdue, but you can finally toggle on/off read receipts. Under account settings, go to “Messages and story replies”, and tap on “Show read receipts”, you will see the option to turn on or off your read receipts for DMs.

These are just part of the new features coming to Instagram including the ability to save your favourite stickers in DMs and chat personalisation with themes.

Image: Meta

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