Xiaomi leapfrogs Samsung as India’s top Smartphone Maker

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In 2019, out of the 330 million phones shipped to India, 44% were smartphones. Analysis made by Counterpoint Research reveals Xiaomi now controls the smartphone market by 28% while having a four-percentage-point lead on rival phone maker Samsung (and it was 5 points in the final quarter of last year).

This reveals a massive growth in market share since 2017 while the brand’s main competitors- Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo showed less progress.

In India, Xiaomi has recorded huge success by having huge shipments and increasing its availability in offline stores. Even so, online merchants, FlipKart and Amazon helped increase sales via their channels.

India has 430 million smartphone users making it the second biggest smartphone market in the world after China. But as this does not account for half of the potential market, the brand has more ground to cover.

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We should not ignore feature phones as their growth exceeded that of smartphones with an increase of both 11% and 10%, in the past two years. This is the first time such data has been recorded in a long time.

Homegrown telecom firm, Jio has 38% of the markets while Samsung loses control drastically. Jio claims the top spot in the overall market (of both feature phones and smartphones). HMD’s Nokia observed a slight growth.

These observations are based on data from Counterpoint Research which reveals that the figures do not mean that there is total domination of the market by a single brand. It focuses on Realme, which joined the Top 5 brands in the third quarter of joining the Indian market. It also overtook Oppo and reached 4 million users in record time.

Realme should exhibit caution, even as the fastest expanding phone maker (proportionally) was Tecno which achieved 221% growth last year. This feat was due to an increase in its presence on the shelves of online stores.

Brands such as Honor, Infinix and HMD follow behind by 183%, 146% and 138 respectively.

The Chinese phone maker OnePlus recorded 58% growth year over year. This makes it the fastest growing high-end smartphone brand.  The consumers in India are showing massive interest in expensive devices – the $280-420 segment grew massively compared to 2017 when the cheaper $140-210 section witnessed tremendous growth.

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