Why Every Designer Needs a Background Remover

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When designing graphics for your clients, you will often want to use photos or images without a background. While some images come with a background that fits the purpose of your graphic, others contain distracting elements or simply have a background that cannot be used. This is precisely why every designer needs a background remover tool. In fact, background removal is one of the most used photo-editing tools. Designers use this tool to remove unwanted elements from the background or remove them altogether. That way, they can use only the selected part of the photo to fit perfectly with their graphic.

One of the best tools to remove a photo’s background is Desygner’s automatic background remover tool. Desygner is an easy-to-use graphic design application that helps you create stunning visual content. Its automatic background remover tool is quick, straightforward, and super practical!

In this article, we’ll share with you eight reasons why every designer needs a background remover, and we’ll also show you how to use Desygner’s free background remover tool.

Reason 1: To create images with a transparent background.

The main reason why every designer needs a quick and straightforward background remover tool is to create images with a transparent background. Once you create a new image with a transparent background, you can use it in many different designs. You can even reuse that image in many different combinations.

Reason 2: To remove unwanted elements from the image.

As a designer, you’ll often find that the photo you want to use for your design has a background that doesn’t fit the vision you have for your graphic. Sometimes, a photograph may have so many unwanted elements that completely removing the background may be a better option than manually removing every disturbing element. With an automatic background remover, you will be able to remove the background of any photo within seconds.

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Reason 3: To design your own background.

A simple change of a photo’s background can make it look completely different! If you need to create a graphic using an element from a photo, you will often find yourself envisioning a different background for it to convey the vibe and message you’re looking for.

To design your own background, you’d first need to remove the existing background from your image using a background remover tool. When designing your own background for the photo’s main subject, you may want to create a solid colour background and add special elements to it.

Reason 4: To save time.

Every designer knows how tedious removing a photo’s background can be when done manually. However, with Desygner’s exceptional automatic background remover tool, you can remove a photo’s background in just a few seconds.

Reason 5: To create product ads.

As a designer, you can get hired to create advertisement campaigns for specific products. When advertising a product, it needs to be the main focus of the ad graphic and draw the target audience’s attention. This means that you will need a background remover tool to remove the background from the original photo most of the time. This will help you create a graphic that focuses on the main subject.

Reason 6: To optimize photos for e-commerce platforms.

Sometimes, a client may hire you to edit photos of their products for e-commerce platforms. These platforms usually require the sellers to include pictures with transparent or light backgrounds to make the products pop. This helps focus the viewers’ attention on the product without any distractions.

Having access to a quick and straightforward automatic background remover, such as the one that Desygner offers, will help you achieve these goals in a matter of seconds. 

Reason 7: To visually enhance the photo.

No matter how good the photographer is, sometimes it is impossible to take photographs with a stunning background. If you are a designer, a client may hire you to enhance their photographs visually. Maybe they want to improve their wedding photos or create a family portrait on a specific background. With a background remover tool, you can easily change the background of any image to make it visually stunning.

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Reason 8: To improve the composition of the photo.

One of the most common reasons designers use a background remover is to improve a photo’s composition. Even if the photographer took a fantastic shot, the composition of the photo might not be suitable for what you, as a designer, envisioned for your graphic. If that’s the case, you can quickly fix that problem with a background remover tool.

How to remove a background from a photo

To remove the background of any photo, you can use one of the many background remover tools that you can find on the internet. However, not all background removers are high-quality tools. Most free background remover tools will do a very basic job at removing the background. They may leave smudges on your photo or omit the more complex areas. When choosing your background remover, make sure to select an efficient and high-quality tool that has been designed by professionals.

One of the best tools to remove background from a photo is Desygner’s automatic background remover. With Desygner, you can easily edit the background out of any photo in a few simple clicks. To do that, upload your photo and click on the “remove background” option.

Quick how-to video tutorial

Guidelines to follow when using a background remover

Most background remover tools use Artificial Intelligence to remove a background from a photo automatically. To obtain the best possible results, make sure that your photo adheres to the following guidelines:

  1. There is high contrast between the main subject and the background.
  2. The background is not too complex. Single-colored and blurry backgrounds work best.
  3. The main subject is sharp and in focus.
  4. The photo has the correct orientation, meaning that the ground is at the bottom of the image.

Wrapping up

An automatic background remover tool will make every designer’s life much easier. It will help you avoid spending precious time manually removing background in Photoshop. With Desygner, you can quickly remove the background from any photo and obtain a high-quality image with a transparent background in just a few simple clicks.

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