WhatsApp Rolls Out a New Way to Voice Chat with Large Groups


WhatsApp is rolling out a new way to make voice chat in large groups. With the new feature, group callers will have the option to continue texting members who can’t join a call, whilst talking live with other group members.

The new voice chat feature is only available for groups of 33 to 128 people, according to a WhatsApp page for the feature. The feature is also only available on a primary device which means people who have their accounts on multiple devices cannot use it on a secondary device.

whatsapp new voice chat
Image: Meta

WhatsApp already has a way to make voice calls in groups of up to 32 participants, but the new voice chat feature works differently. For the new feature, once a group member starts a voice chat, other members will only receive a push notification instead of a call ring. Group members will be able to see who has joined the voice chat in a banner below the screen.

Members in the call can leave the voice chat at any time and the call will end automatically once everyone has left the voice chat. The feature is rolling out now and in the coming weeks on Android and iOS.

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