WhatsApp Now Lets You Keep Disappearing Messages

whatsapp keep in chat

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature it calls “Keep in Chat” that lets users hang on to disappearing messages. WhatsApp users have the privacy control options to set messages to “view once” or make them disappear by default after a certain period of time.

With Keep in Chat, a message receiver has the option to hang on to messages when they long-press on them. All saved messages will be marked with a bookmark icon and organized by chat in a separate Kept Messages folder. When a disappearing message is saved, the sender will be immediately notified and still retains the ultimate power to make it stay or disappear.

WhatsApp Keep in Chat defeats the purpose of having Disappearing Messages in the first place, but the company says, “sometimes there’s that occasional voice note or key piece of information you want to keep.”

WhatsApp says the Keep in Chat update will roll out globally “over the next few weeks.”

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