WhatsApp is Rolling Out New Updates to Improve Calls


Over the next few weeks, WhatsApp is rolling out new updates that will improve calls on mobile and desktop.

Starting with screen sharing, WhatsApp will now let you include audio. This is particularly useful when you are watching a video that you want to share with a contact when making video calls.

WhatsApp call improvements

Another update coming is the capacity to have up to 32 people on video calls. This will be available across mobile and desktop. Previously, the Windows app was limited to a maximum of 16 people for video calls, while the Mac app was limited to 8 people. Like in Zoom video calls, the speaker spotlight is coming to WhatsApp video calls. Speakers will now appear first on WhatsApp group video calls.

In general, WhatsApp says audio and video quality in calls is getting improved. Thanks to the launch of MLow codec, call reliability is now improved. “Calls made on mobile devices benefit from improved noise and echo cancellation, making it easier to have calls in noisy environments, and video calls have higher resolution for those with faster connections,” the company says in a blog post.Audio is crisper overall, even if you have poor network connectivity or are using an older device.”

The new updates are rolling out “over the next few weeks,” according to WhatsApp.

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