WhatsApp is Rolling Out Channels Globally

whatsapp channels

WhatsApp is rolling out Channels globally; the one-way broadcast tool it announced in June. WhatsApp initially released Channels in Colombia and Singapore but is now expanding the feature to more than 150 countries globally.

Channels will appear in a new ‘Updates’ tab on WhatsApp without interfering with regular chats and Community updates. WhatsApp says it protects the personal information of Channel admins and followers, and which Channel a user follows will not be visible to other followers.

Channels is launching globally with an enhanced directory, allowing users to find Channels by applying filters such as country, new, most active and popular. Followers can react using emojis and admins will have the opportunity to edit Channel updates for up to 30 days after which WhatsApp automatically deletes them from its servers. When Channel updates are forwarded to chats or groups, they will include a link so people can learn more about the Channel.

Some public figures including Mark Zuckerberg, Oliva Rodrigo, and David Guetta have Channels set up already. Netflix, Billboard, and the MLB are among the many other companies using Channels.

WhatsApp says it will make it possible for anyone to create a channel “over the coming months,” and that it will continue to add more features and expand it.

Image: WhatsApp

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