WhatsApp Business App Finally Launched for Small Business Owners

whatsapp business app

WhatsApp Business App has just been introduced to help small business owners. In an official blogpost, WhatsApp says the app is available for download on Google Play and will be rolling out globally to everyone in the coming weeks.

whatsapp business app

You may be thinking, why is another business app needed since people already market their business(es) on WhatsApp. WhatsApp says was made to improve business experience by making it easier for business owners to respond to customers, creating an official or professional presence and separating personal chats form customer chats.

Features of WhatsApp Business App

  • Business Profiles

There will be business profiles where customers can get useful information such as address, business description, email address and website.

  • Messaging Tools

There will be automation tools to get the best out of the app like quick replies that provide fast answers to FAQs, greeting messages that introduce customers to your business and away messages to let customers know when you are busy.

  • Messaging Statistics

There will be analytical tools to see number of messages read to know what to improve upon.

  • Account Type

There will now be official WhatsApp Business accounts which will be recognized by people.

  • WhatsApp Web

Of course this still works, the WhatsApp Business App can also be used on Desktop. See more here.

Only those who are into Businesses need to download the WhatsApp Business App, regular accounts need not to as the normal app still works and users still have privacy controls.

features of whatsapp business app

How to Download WhatsApp Business App on Android and IOS

The App is only available for Android now and it can be downloaded on Google Play here, if its not available yet in your country or region you can check back later as it will be rolled out globally over the coming weeks.

IOS version will be available soon as well.

What do you think about this innovation, will you be downloading the app? Share your thoughts using the comment section.

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