WhatsApp Adds New Text Formatting Shortcuts


WhatsApp is rolling out new text formatting options so users can get creative with messages. The company already has text formatting styles such as Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and Monospace, but the new options now let users use, Bulleted Lists, Numbered Lists, Block Code, and Inline Code in chats.

The new messaging styles are available on the iOS, Android, web, and Mac. Not only are the new text formatting options available in chats but they can also be used in Channels as well.

Here is how the new text formatting options work in messages:

  • Bulleted Lists: To add a bulleted list to your message, place an asterisk or hyphen and a space before each word or sentence: “* text”, “- text”
  • Numbered Lists: To add a numbered list to your message, place a number, period, and space before each line of text: “1. Text”
  • Block Quotes: To add a quote to your message, place an angle bracket and space before the text “> text”
  • Inline Code: To add inline code to your message, place a backtick on both sides of the message: “`text`”

The new features will help interested users articulate their messages more in an orderly manner.

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