What Makes an AI Triple Camera Smartphone Unique?

Nowadays, one of the factors that influence the decision to buy a particular smartphone is the kind of camera on the device. Everyone loves pictures – whether they are pictures of people we care about, or selfies, or group pictures, or high points of an event, or beautiful outdoor scenery – we just can’t wait to get that perfect shot. Which makes having a good, handy smartphone camera all-important. But there are smartphone cameras and there is an AI Triple Camera! So, what makes an AI Triple Camera Smartphone unique?

shot taken by TECNO Phantom 9 ai triple camera

When AI Triple Camera phones first hit the market, we were all excited, and for good reason. I for one exclaimed, “finally we have all we need to take a great picture!” For example, TECNO Phantom 9’s AI Triple camera has one 16 mega-pixel camera with phase-detect autofocus technology which makes it possible to take pictures of moving objects; an 8 mega-pixel camera for ultra-wide shots; and a 2 mega-pixel camera meant to capture depth.

Zuma Rock -   Phantom 9

This is what the symbol of the nation’s capital looks like on a TECNO Phantom 9. Awesome isn’t it? No. Breath-taking! – that’s the word. But that is far from all that I was able to capture with this amazing device. There is more, lots more. Enjoy them below.

To add to that, I have also enjoyed using the TECNO Phantom 9 to capture close up shots, and you can too, especially if you have something you want to sell. You can take a really close up beautiful shot of the item for sale and showcase it to the world! You can also take a passport-sized photograph with the device, but don’t make it too much of a close up shot or you might see all the pores and ridges of your face. Trust me, I speak from personal experience.

For those who deal in real estate, this device will make your work easier with its 120-degree main camera. You can simply take wide-angle shots of the properties available for sale. This will help you show viewers the full beauty of what is up for sale.

Talking about beauty, you can also take beautiful bokeh shots with the TECNO Phantom 9. Whether for work or just for the love of art, you can enjoy the beauty of the interplay of blur and light.

The other day, some asked me if TECNO is truly for Nigerians as they say. From my experience, I can say with all my heart that it definitely is. Not only is it for Nigerians but it is also Africa’s most preferred smartphone.

But I don’t want to keep talking. You should try it yourself. Just go out there, get your very own TECNO Phantom 9 and let the fun begin!

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